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The Equipment of the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway
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   Due to the generosity of private and corporate sources the HVSRy has  many examples of  cabooses.   Rarely used on passenger trains, the caboose served as the freight conductor's office and housed the rear-end brakeman too.  Today's  modern class 1  railroads no longer use cabooses ( rare exceptions ).

. B&O  #2550 Transfer Caboose
.                         This caboose is owned by Dwight Jones.  This type would have been used on local freights.  Dwight says the B&O never painted a caboose in the Time Saver logo  but he liked the colors.

.B&O #C-3015 , class I-18
............................This bay window caboose is 1 of  46 (#3000-3045) built 1965-66 by International Car Corporation.  In 1982 the Chessie System added a "90"  prefix to the number making this caboose #903015.  This series was significant because it was the first modern cabooses that the frugal B&O purchased from a carbuilder.
.                              .

. BN #20947 is actually an ex-Family Line caboose.
.                             However, its owner liked the BN green appearance.

....C&O# 90704
.                 This caboose is owned by the HVSRy, arriving on the property in 1972.   All 100 of these cabooses (90700-90799) were built by Standard Steel Corporation in Baltimore MD. for $2,650 each and delivered in Nov.1924.   It's design based on original Hocking Valley Railway plans.   Another photo taken Aug. 2001.
Dwight Jones & Phil Samuell have authored a book detailing this series of  C&O Cabooses.
Walthers is currently offering a replica of  this series in HO scale.

...C&O #90921
.                      Originally manufactured at Logan Ohio in 1929  for the C&O railway it was based on  Hocking Valley Railway plans.  This caboose was rescued from a backyard in Lithopolis Ohio and moved to the HVSRy by its new owner, Ron Weaver.

.CR #18836  is an ex-Reading #94028 NMO series, built  July 1943
                        This caboose is privately owned.

.CRR #1077
.                           ..

.DT&I #100
.                        This caboose is owned by Dwight Jones.

. L&N #6108
           This caboose is owned by Larry Blake and has an actual C&O caboose coal stove and a conductors desk and seat.   It also is one of a few at the HVSRy that have a working toilet.

. ex-Family Lines #6156, originally L&N #156
.                        This caboose is owned by Don Schultz.

. N&W #557732
........................This ex-NKP caboose is owned by the HVSRy. Additional side and end photos taken Aug.2002

. SCL #81022
.                        This caboose is owned by Bill Evans and frequently carrys passengers on the tourist railway.

      no photo yet

ex-PC caboose # 24014 owned by Jim Hebner

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