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The Equipment of the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway
 Tuesday January 04, 2005

Former & Visiting  Equipment
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...ex  WWII  Troop Sleeper - April 1976
............One day this car just showed up on the HVSRy.  After a photo of  it appeared in the railway's monthly news letter the mystery was solved.   A Chessie System official saw the news letter and recognized it as a car intended for another museum in Baltimore Maryland.   The mystery car was off the HVSRy by August.

During World War 2  many of these simply constructed cars were used by trains haul our military personnel.

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....Aspen Falls - June 1982
...........Over the years many folks  joined the HVSRy.  Some of these folks owned their own equipment.   The Aspen Falls was an ex-PC sleeper then owned by Dick Noble.

....Business Car #11 - new Expanded photo essay
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....DT&I 11872 - 1976
................This visiting covered hopper was loaded with sand.  The C&O needed to shop the car and said the HV could borrow the car if they took all the sand out.  HV shop forces unloaded the sand inside the engine house hoping the sand would pack down hard over time.  Unfortunately this was sand used for locomotives which remained granular.  For a few years the engine house floor looked like a desert and made walking difficult.

. C&O #90200 painted in Steam Era colors (actually C&O 90211)
.                          This caboose was owned by retired C&O Superintendent John O. Riddle.  It  was renumbered  90200 to match the number of his father's caboose once used in the Ashland Ky. area.   Built in 1949 by American Car & Foundry these 100 (#90200-90299) represented the C&O's  first standard type of steel cabooses.

Recently sold,  this caboose now sets along Highway#33 at Sugar Grove Ohio (south of Lancaster) as #90211.

....N&W 555542

Passing through the HVSRy briefly in May 2004 was ex-N&W #555542, which was already purchase by the village of Murray City.

. #33  ex-LS&I  Baldwin 2-8-0
                          Restored over several years in the 1960's  #33 set in a Columbus Ohio railroad yard until trackage became available in Nelsonville in 1972.   This is the original locomotive of the HVSRy.  The famous Baldwin Locomotive Works built several of these big freight engines in 1916 for the Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad which hauled iron ore in upper Michigan.

Update:  This locomotive was traded to the Ohio Central Railroad and was restored to operating condition.   The engine had not operated since 1996 and  needed extensive boiler rebuilding that the HV simply couldn't afford nor perform.  Sad as it was to see #33 depart Nelsonville, at least it runs again!  It left Nelsonville on Sept.22, 2003.  

See a video clip of it departure on the HV  Video Web Page

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