2002 Christmas Model Train Show
Dec.20, 2002
Held annually at the University Mall in Athens Ohio.

O-scale layout

Ralph's 3 rail railroad is the stereotypical model railroad of the Christmas season.  These photos show a  fast moving passenger train approaches the photographer during several  passes.

S-scale layout
...Almost as large and as well known as O-scale are these American Flyer trains.

HO-scale layout
...folks wait at the station for their train

Behind this station is a familiar old barn from the Green Acres TV show.

Many hours of hard work have went into this module of the layout.  It features two circular loops with trackcars as well as the mainlines tracks on several levels.

A  B&O train passes by a Heisler style steam engine used by logging railroads on very steep grades.

One of the club members sets a few more models onto the layout near the roundhouse.

N-scale layout

For the person with little space this scale works well.  Today it is almost as common as HO-scale .


Unfortunately I don't have any photos of this extremely small scale model railroad.

the end