Railfair  2004

December 03, 2005


Again this year  Railfair was held at Athens's University Mall



The traditional train set of  yesteryear seen around the Christmas tree was often "O gauge"

Ralph Calvert's train set is a regular at Railfair, enjoyed by young and all.



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Another popular train set of the past was made by American Flyer.

This layout is owned by Bob Schmoll.



The most popular scale of trains today is HO ( Half of O-Scale size)

Tad Gallaugher shares his HO layout with visitors

The track crew passes by with their motorcar.

A special visitor checks out the world of  minature trains.

Allot of work goes into the details of  this layout.



A young enthusiast runs a train . 

This is a popular size of train with those folks limited in space.  This scale is smaller than HO size.

This layout features modern freight and passenger trains.



The largest size models at this year's Railfair was this "Garden" size, made for outdoor use.

Here an Shay type locomotive hauls a coal train past the Station.


Other  Displays

Josh Pack displays part of  his HO scale fleet

Fritz Proch and Don Schultz display this G-Scale equipment

A young HO modeler runs his train around the Christmas tree.

Allot of  railroad in a small space.

Another HO-scale layout features a Round House.  Notice this layout is still under development.