Railfair  2005

December 15, 2005

This year's Railfair was held at a new location; Rocky Boots in Nelsonville Ohio on Dec. 3 & 4th.

The model trains were displayed on the first floor, just past the restaurant.


HO  Scale  models

Upon entering the Railfair you notice Tad Gallaugher's  HO scale layout

A trackside tower is soon passed by two freight trains.

Further down the track is this passenger station.

One train has just passed the coal tipple when another arrives.

Not everything runs smoothly on any railroad, evidenced by this wreck.

Not all railroads have large budgets, evidenced by this modified refrigeration car.

Santa Fe F9 heads this freight past  Petticoat Junction station.


Josh Pack prepares his trains to run

Josh likes cabooses and has a caboose train special

Dave Dupler assists Josh

A train stops short of a crossing at a signal in a suburban area

The caboose special rounds a curve

B&O passenger car waits on a spur track


One HO layout was auctioned off as a door prize

Another layout was around a Christmas tree.

Roger Crigger  built this layout.


Tony's HO-scale layout features a roundhouse and engine house.

a rare GP-9P  heads up this freight

some of  B&O's  GP9s  ran long end forward



O  Scale  models

Ralph Calvert has a large layout in the scale I recall from my childhood.  

Two C&O trains pass each other.

Calvert Sales appears to offer a wide variety of  construction equipment.

Folks watch the trains.


S  Scale  models

Bob Schmoll favors model railroad size between O & HO scales.

New York Central  E9 diesel #4065 arrives at the next passenger station.

That same passenger train followed by a steam powered freight.

In a scene of yesteryear a steam power freight passes behind a rural house.

Once again the NYC passenger train is seen crossing over a bridge then under a bridge.


N  Scale  models

As you can tell an N-scale train layout doesn't  require allot of room.

 The DePeel family displayed a large N-scale layout.

A Conrail double stack train crosses a bridge.

Jason seen running one of the trains.


G  Scale  model

The largest scale at Railfair

Santa rides in the cab of this brightly colored train.

a child admires Bob Dehmann's  layout


Z  Scale  models

The smallest trains at Railfair can fit into an aquarium.