My  Model  Railroads
updated: Monday, October 30, 2006
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The 1970's
     under construction

The 1980's

Nov.1981 - The basic frame work has just been completed.

  ...June 1983 - things have progressed with much of the track being laid.
  Two Atlas FP-7's  take a B&O freight upgrade past two other paused at the passenger station.
  A small yard atop the hill (photo taken with my back to the window).
  Two PRR Fairbanks-Morse C-Liners enter the lower, larger yard as a SD-9 waits to began switching.  Notice the yard track being laid with indivual ties and rail; the way it can be done without flex track. 


During 2002-03
Current HO Fleet (click here)

N-Scale Layout
After several attempts to secure enough space of  an HO scale layout failed, Josh Pack and I desided to go with an N scale layout.

On Dec.28, 2002 the framework begins.   The framework grid was assembled on the kitchen floor.

Josh tests the track as the initial fit begins.  Later the track will be removed and glue and ballast laid. Notice the framework standing in the background.

The "upper level" where the track is laid is made of  1/4" leulin plywood glued to gray homosote board.

Next a saber saw cuts the board to establish grades ( ie. hills) on the layout.

Risers extend from the framework to the plywood deck for support.

..Looking across the 5 yard storage tracks toward the engine house - mid March.

Josh took this photo of me as I added circuts to the control pannel.

Josh's photo of the yard.

I have a hard time seeing those small N scale wheels so Josh puts the cars on the track.

A view of the 4' x 6' layout as it was on Feb. 17, 2003  and two of the Bachman engines.