Bellevue Ohio  -   ex NKP  Yard
July 18, 1976
    *  two  N&W  SD-9's  ( ex- NKP ) set in the yard .
           This  model  was  nicknamed  Cadillacs  because of  their smooth ride
    *  an  Alco  with two slugs shove a  "Cut"  over the hump for switching
    *  an  N&W  Train  passing  the  yard
    *  a view of  the  N&W   Roundhouse

April 23-25, 1982
    The Mad River and Nickel Plate Museum hosted the TRAINS  Convention
( Tourist RAilway ...something) that Spring.  They did a great job making
arrangements  with the folks at the nearby  N&W  yard for  lectures on diesel
maintenance and long term storage procedures.  Also included in this convention
was a tour of the Yard  facilities !


The  Yard
    * Looking West from the highway bridge into the yard, shops to the right
    * Looking East as a  Mother/ Slug team shoves a "Cut"  over the Hump
    * a close-up of  the Mother #1581 and  Slug team with #9903, 9918
    * a  telephoto photo looking West at the Engine Shop
    * an Eastbound leaves the Yard.  Notice the  Hi-Visibility stripe on the Walkway
    * the Yard's  "Big Hook"  with a load trucks on the car behind it
    * an old  NKP  hopper seen in the Yard,  notice the now outlawed friction bearing trucks
    * a Westbound  freight  swings around the Yard using the  By-Pass track

Diesel  Shops
    *  a  view from the overhead walkway, down onto several  locos
    *  looking West  into the shop from outside
    *  looking  back Eastward, from inside the shop
    *  GP9 #945  seen  along the Southeast wall
    * the Tour walks through the Lower Level of the shop where loco's trucks are serviced
    * Shop forces were proud of  this modern Wheel Lathe.  The locomotive's
         wheels could be turned as it was attached to the Locomotive.

Outside the Shops
    * looking West along the Shop building at the Servicing Area
    * another view from further away,  note the foreign power
    * there were several visiting  UP  units around, here is SD40-2  #3150
    * perhaps a U30-C  is  UP #2863  setting with 2 other UP units
    * UP  SD40-2 #3698  has a  sign along the walkway  encouraging energy efficiency
    * another UP unit visiting was U30-C?  #2911
    * nearby these UP units is N&W SD40 #1580 and  SD18 #2341 showing her NKP colors
    * sister  N&W  SD18  are  nearby like #2344.  Here is the #2346 arrives later.

Yard Office  &  Hump
   * Looking from the diesel shop toward the Hump's Tower
   * here one of the Hump Tower operators handles the paperwork
   * another operator handles the remote switches located in the yard
   * looking out of the Tower toward the Diesel Shops
   * looking out of the Tower into the Yard

Trade-in  Units
    *  two  tracks of  Diesels  sat in the Yard.  The GP9's  went to NdeM  in
          Mexico and the  Alcos  all went to GE as trade-ins.
    * Alco  #2565  sets awaiting its  fate
    * GP9 #918  and #925  have a little happier  future
    * notice this GP9 #2465  doesn't have dynamic brakes
    * you can see an old blue colored GP9 setting behind  this Alco #362
    * I won one of  #2572's  numberboards during the Convention's doorprize drawing
    * sister Alco #2570 sets nearby in the same older letting scheme
    * blue colored GP9 #2405  shows one of the Shop Notices taped on many units
    * here is a close-up of one such notice stating  "From: Roanoke Va.   To:  Bellevue Oh."
    * Alco #2568
    * an blue colored Alco #204  lettered NFD ,  a close-up of the Cab
    * Alco #2862 lettered NW
    * another  blue colored Alco #201  lettered  NFD
    * an old passenger use ( larger fuel tank force air reservoirs onto roof )  GP9 #2484
    * GP7 #2414  is seen in older blue N&W paint  ( notice no dynamic brakes )
    * one of my favorite "finds" is Engines with 00 as the last two digits;  GP9 #2500
    * two GP9's  #791 &  #787 ( seen from the other side )
    * going along the new  row we find  EMD  switcher #2012
    * the  line-up seen the afternoon before,  behind a yard building
    * GP9 #3490 is ex-Walbash, note no dynamic brakes & cold weather hatch
    * ex-NKP GP7 #2409
    * a close-up of  Alco #407 in fading blue paint
    * GP7 #2432 in blue paint

Old  NKP  Roundhouse & Nearby Stored Units
    * the lettering saying "Nickle Plate Road"  is still visible on the Roundhouse
    * looking along a row of  Stored Engines,  standing beside the Roundhouse
    * GP9 #2501 setting on the end of the line
    * GP9 #819 has it's  doors open reveiling the Prime Mover and Generator
    * EMD Switcher #2238 is seen with sister #2018
    * another Switcher #3376 and  ex-NKP  GP7 #2437 which says
          "Leased to  AC&Y"  ( Akron Cayton & Youngstown ) under the cab
    * three more EMD Switchers are seen #2235#3372#3366
    * GP9 #3491 has a "cold weather hatch" and no dynamic brakes
    * looking East past the last few units in the line-up;  GP9 #913 at the end
    * looking West,  back toward the Roundhouse

Miscellaneous Railroad Buildings & etc.
    * closed Yard Office building
    * Tower located near the  Museum
    * the France Stone Company's  GE 45 Ton Switcher  in Bi-Centennial Paint

Mad River & Nickel Plate Museum
     * West of the N&W  Yard is the Mad River & Nickel Plate Railroad Museum
     * two of the Museum's  Engines
     * Fairbanks Morse unit painted as Milwaukee Road's #740
     * EMD F-unit painted as Walbash #671,  a view in the Cab, and inside the body
     * the Museum's  Depot  seen outside  and  inside
     * PRR  Railway Post Office seen outside and inside
     * an old NKP  boxcar
     * a future restration project is Pullman car named "Donizetti"
     * ex-Seaboard Airline Railroad #6102 was built by Budd in 1931
     * passenger car painted as NKP
     * a new arrival to the Museum is old  B&O 0-6-0  Steam Engine
     * passenger cars stored West of the Museum
     * passenger car being painted  as  B&O ???, near old railroad  freight house

Freight  Trains seen nearby the Museum
     * Eastbound seen  with GP9 #751, GE #8044GP9 #2814 and it's  Caboose
     * Two old GP7's  #2435 & 241?  lead  GP30 #533