Brewster Ohio
  April 23, 1982   N&W  Yard 

 When  N&W  purchased the Illinois Terminal Railroad they inherited several rare
SD39's  painted in a lime green color.
   * the old  N&W  office building
   * outside the locomotive shops  is  SD39 #2962
   * nearby is also GP9 #769 and EMD Switchers #2114 & 2111
   * among  three units seen in the middle of the Yard are :
          UP  C30-7  #2487  and  ex-IT  SD39 #2966
   * looking past an old cabose used as an office, we see cars in storage
   * looking West near the middle of the Yard
   Jan. 4, 1992   W&LE shortline
The W&LE shortline had just began operations shortly before our arrival at the Yard.
This shortline used the old name of one of the N&W predecessors.  Almost all of their
locomotives were ex-Southern Railway GP35 that  ride on Alco trucks.  Southern used
a single alphabet character next to a  locomotive's  cab number to identify its lentage.
   * Looking North across the Turntable, toward the Shops
   * The Locomotive Shop building.  One of the 2100  series T1 Steam Locos was
        reported to be inside but they would not let us go inside the building.
   * GP35  #2645A was one of many ex-Southern Railway units
   * Proof that "One man's junk is another man's treasure" ex-SOU  SD45 #3161T
   * GP35 #2702x , like many of these units, still wears Southern colors
   * setting in a string of 3 units are:  GP35 #2706GP35 #2653x , GP35 #2651
   * GP35 #2675  sets alone, outside the Shop
   * not all W&LE  units were ex-Southern however;  here is ex-N&W SD45  #1769
   * other ex-Southern GP35 are  #2679  and  #2662L
   *  GP35 #2655 appears to have been setup for remote control judging from the
         indicator  lights on the it's  cab roof.
   * Looking Southeast at the Locomotive Servicing Facility
   * here is another ex-N&W  SD45  #1770
   * setting off by themselves is Slug #9950  and its  "Mother" GP35 #2661
   * Looking East at  the West end of the yard, along two more locomotives
         #2705  and  #2680
   * today the Yard is being switched by two GP35 #2656  and  #2699 seen passing
         the two before mentioned  locomotives