Conrail's  Hobson  Yard

  Hobson is about half way along Conrail's  West Virginia Secondary.   This line starts at Columbus Ohio and runs southeast to Charleston W.Va.    Hobson serves as a Helper Base and crew change location.  The North end of Hobson is CP ( control point ) Wine  and the South end is CP King.

  This line was  NYC except for the track between Hobson and Kanauga that was originally C&O owned.  This section was once known for it's  unusual  train orders.  Due to the geography a Eastbound NYC train  and  a  Westbound  C&O  train would both be headed down river !

My Oldest Photos
        * Looking North at the Hobson Yard Office - Dec. 1976
                  Today  Conrail  calls  the  location  300  yards North of  here  KING.
          *  in  this  Feb. 1983  photo the Operator's  shack  had  just been torn down and Conrail  hasn't
                 relocated  the  KING   marker  to where it is today.  Also notice where the switch use to
                 be for the C&O  track once  splitting  off  into  Pomeroy  ( see note for  Kanauga ).
          *   rare C39-8 #6004  ( proposed NS 8202 ) seen at  King  - March 24, 1989

Photos from Dec. 3, 1989
          *  Train CODI-3  are on the  right ,  a  Work train  in the center, and  stored cars on the left
          *  a  closer  view of  the  Work Train's  engine #8150,  a  GP38-2
          *  Train  CODI-3  Stopped  at  "King"  ( Southeast  end of  Hobson )
                     a  close-up of the 3rd. unit  a  GP38-2  #8166
          *  two  SD50  Helper  units  #6730 & 6743  set  outside  the Crew Quarters,  awaiting call to duty

Photos from  Dec.10, 1989
          *  Eastbound  Train  XDI-75  gives up  3 of  5  units ( the GM-EMD units )  for
                Helper & work train duty
          *  a  Contractor  tends to the  crew's water & ice ( note rare C39-8 #6010,   1 of  22  on Conrail )
          *  crewmen  breakup  the  units  before  a second crew  will take Train XDI-75  South into  W.Va.
          *  looking  South as  the  Contractor  waits  for   XDI-75's  GE  power   to  pass
          *  unit  #8137  is  a  GP38-2  and  replaces  the  Work Train's  power;   Helper #6802  is a SD50 .

Photos from  Jan. 6, 1990
          *  looking South at  KING  as  Southeast bound Train CODI-6  ( Columbus - Dickinson )
                  meets  its  Northwest bound  counter part,  Train  DINE  ( Dickinson - Indianapolis )
          *  Train CODI-6   with  #6593,  1 of 50  Conrail  C30-7A  ( #6550-6599 )
          *  Train  DIIN-6  exchanges  crewmen,  before  proceeding  Northwest
          *  DIIN-6 's  headend  power  #6044 & 6832  leave the yard
          *  the  sun begins  to set  as  DIIN's  Helpers   leave the  Yard  to  couple to the train's rear
          *  view of an old railroad structure located  South of the Crew Quarters ( the original Station ???)

Photos from  April 29,1990
          *  Southbound waits at  King  until tomorrow;  note rare C39-8 #6018  ( proposed CSX 7487 )
                and  SW9M  switcher #8922  that's returning from being shopped.