Portsmouth  Ohio
Sept. 28, 1975  Photos
  *  Alco  T6  switchers   work  the  Hump
  *  looking down from a footbridge  as  a Westbound  N&W  passes  a  C&O  GP7 #5752

Oct. 1977  Photos
  *  C&O  GP7 #5741  seen early in the morning

  *  Alco T6  Switcher  #39  works the  Hump  in  early morning  fog

  *  the  same  #39  &  sister  T6  #13   seen  from  a  street  bridge

  *  N&W #43 & 13  shove a cut  over the Hump

  *  T6 #45  &  GP38  #2911  work the same Hump

  *  Big  Alco  C630 #1135  on  old  FM  Trainmaster  trucks ,
           switches the yard  ( close up )

  *  Alco #1130  picks-up  a cabose from the cabose track and
          couples it onto a  Westbound  "cut"  of hoppers.  Next the
         headend  power begins assembling their train  "doubled over"
         on  3 yard tracks.

   *  waiting  units : GP9 #799GP7 #2476  ex-NKP ,  GP7P #3456

   *  U30B?  #8510  moves out with  Alco #411  and  SD40 #6120   for  duty

   *  freshly painted GP9 #698  leaves the Servicing area

   *  Alco  C425  #1003  sets in the  Servicing  area  .    The  N&W  owned  few
          low nose units.  This one was new to the  N&W .  It  was retired  and
          scrapped  in 1979 .

   *  we were told that this "Big Hook"  was the pride of the yard.  By  its
           shinny  appearance  that  seemed to be the case.

   *  an unusual manned crossing tower at the Yard's East end.
           yes , it was active on that day  in 1977 !

   *  GP9 #2813  leads  GP7 #2420  and  other  units past the crossing tower.
           Next the unit back past us with  U30B? #8533   on the point.

   *  GP9 #2492  is switched around the shop by  T6 #18

   *  Alco  T6 #39  sets  in  the  Yard

   *  same #39  seen  from the rear .   Notice the East end Hump Office to the left

   *  Alco  T6 #12  seen setting with  #14

   *  looking  East  from a City  bridge as  two T6  shove a cut over the West  Hump

   *  GP30 #537  seen setting near the Shops  with  Alco #389
   *  two  Alco T6  switch the East  end of the Yard

   *  Alco  & slug  pluck  the cabose off  of  the  rear of a train before it's  humped.
        Notice the old , round coaling tipple behind the Hump Office  and  also
        the  track that runs under the hump , beneath  the Alco .
   *  SD35 and a slug  seen  moving onto the Hump's  tracks

   *  several  GP9's  move-out  to take a train
   *  T6 #31  seen setting in the yard

   *  GP9 #769 , GP9 #2468 (ex-NKP) , U30B?  #1941  setting ready

   *  U30C?  #8001  lead units out for a train

   *  Alco switches a  cut  of  boxcars at the yard's  West end

   *  a one unit  Eastbound  train  arrives with empty hoppers

March 1978  Photo      NEW

   *  a  black & White photo of  GP40 #4124  &  GP9 #2501  crossing a
       flooded Scioto river at the juction with the Cincinnati  line.

April 8, 1990  Photo

   *  coal train backs  into the Yard to retreive the rest of  it's  hoppers before
      heading  Westbound