Miscellaneous  Steam

updated Dec.25, 2001
Marshal Texas - Texas & Pacific #400
In Dec.1974 a High School friend named Russ Perry  took these two photos for me of a 2-8-0 in a park.

Huntington W.Va.    NEW
.....C&O 2-6-6-2  #1308 sets in a city park Nov. 1976
.....July 1975 several C&O steam locos and extra tenders are clustered in storage.  Among these were 2-8-4 #2705 and 2-6-6-2  #1309 .

Altoona PA. - Horseshoe Curve  NEW

4-6-2  K4  #1361 was built May 1918 by the famous Junita Shops.  These photos were taken on Sept. 14, 1975  as she set on display.  About the mid-1980s  she was removed and restored to operating condition.

New Hope PA. - New Hope & Ivyland Tourist Railroad    NEW

* This railroad is located in far Eastern Pennsylvania.   May 29, 1975 several of us visited their New Hope facilities.
* Engine #40 2-8-0 was built in 1925 by Baldwin and labored around Lancaster, South Carolina for many years.
* Sister engine #1533 is a 4-6-0 built in 1911 by Montreal Locomotive Works for Canadian Northern.
* In my notes I show this as #565, however the NH&IL doesn't show her on their current rooster.

American Freedom Train - Columbus Ohio   NEW
As our Nation celebrated the Bi-Centennial in 1976 a special train toured the country with several of our better know National Treasures, like the Liberty Bell.  This train was pulled by former Reading 4-8-4 #2101 through Ohio, renumbered as #1.

* #1 was at the Defense Supply Center in Columbus Ohio on June 4, 1975.
* Art Markley took this photo of the Freedom Train and his kids Julie and Jimmy (location unknown).

Strasburg Pa. - The Strasburg Railroad  NEW     May 30, 1976

....Cambleback Steam Loco #4

.....Soon  2-10-0  #90  came by with the famous coach used in the movie Hello Dolly.
.....2-6-0  #89 is seen pulling past the Engine House.

J.I.S.Co   0-6-0   Switcher  #3
  Jerry Jacobson  went to  Jackson Ohio's  JISCo ( Jackson Iron & Steel Company ) plant and purchased a little 0-6-0 switcher  that had quiet an impressive heritage.  As it turns out,  this  switcher was built in  March 1929  by  the Baldwin Locomotive Works  and was kept by them for use in the Plant .     For many years,  if  Baldwin made it,  this very engine pulled it around the factory!
    Jerry  later traded  engine #3  to the Steamtown Museum  ( re-numbered  26 )  for  the  4-6-0  #1551  he
currently has on  the Ohio Central RR. at  Sugarcreek Ohio.
    Most of these following photos were made shortly after the switcher  was  returned to life in Nov. 1981, at  JISCo .

* The  ex-Baldwin  "Shop Goat"  seen from  the  front  and another view  of  the  rear.
* "Chip" Rogers  takes a turn at the throttle.

In  July 12, 1975  Bill Goslan  and I just happened to catch  little #3  outside of the building.  A  bored, but  friendly
security guard  gave us the grand tour!

The  Ohio  Central  Railroad
     ex- Canadian National 4-6-0  #1551  seen  departing  the Sugarcreek station - July 25, 1992
         engineer Bill Goslan "oils around"  as fireman Brian tends to the cab;  also a view of the cab's  backhead
             Ohio Central  GP-9 #91  arrives with a work train

C&O  Kanawha  #2700  on  display
    I  found  C&O  #2700  (  2-8-4 )  in a Charleston W.Va. City Park -  Mar.1978
 I understand that today this same locomotive is on the Ohio Central RR  at  Dennison Ohio.

Trip  on  N&W  J  #611  from  Columbus   to   Kenova   and  back - Sept. 1993

  * The  Train  seen arriving the OSU  Fairgrounds  in  Columbus Ohio.
  * The  Train  pulls  ahead  to  reload  its  passengers  at  Kenova W.Va.
  *  A  side  view  too.
  * viewed  out the window  somewhere between  Kenova  and Ashland  Ky.

Ohio Railway Museum leases ex-C&O #614  -  May 16, 1981
  This excursion trip was from  Columbus Ohio  to  Ashland Ky. and return.
    * While waiting at  Robins ( North of Jackson) to photograph #614  I noticed  two
          old steam engine's Tenders, still in use by  MofW  forces.  One of them was
          a "Vanderbelt"  type  Tender.
    * Soon #614 arrived at Robins as it flew past !
    * The Chessie Safety Express unloaded the passengers at Russell, then proceeded
         into Ashland   for servicing.  A local fire department provides the water.
    * After the passengers boarded I paced #614 along a highway; here passing a Tower
         just before  it crossed the Ohio River,  in route to Columbus.
    * Chessie was very PR minded and created an "Open House"  atmosphere at their
         Parsons Yard in Columbus.
    *  #614 had an Auxiliary Tender for these trips, which made it too long for the Roundhouse's
         Turntable so it was separated from the Steam engine and turned with a GP-9
    *  I was amazed by the spectators being so close to the Turntable, as it turned 614.
    *  Another B&W  photo looking from the Roundhouse toward the train.

ex-C&O  4-8-4  #614  on  Excursions
  Photos  taken  Nov.1981  by  Art  Markley
    * The  Eastbound  "New River Train" is seen at  Ona W.Va.
    * Seen  passing  a  signal bridge  at  Barboursville W.Va.  ( close-up )
    * 614 passes thru a Bridge  and  seen on a broad curve at St.Albans W.Va.
    * snaking  thru  an  S-Curve  at Kanawha Falls W.Va.