Doubleheader  Steam - Pittsburgh  to  Altoona PA

December 20, 2005
    Back  in  May 22, 1977   the  4-8-4  #2102  and  2-8-2  #4070  teamed up for a double heading trip from Pittsburgh to Altoona  and  back.  Ultimately this trip would leave Conrail with a bad taste in the mouth for Steam Excursions.  I was fortunate to have a Conrail employee as a guide during  this trip.

   We  will began the day before at Pittsburgh's  "Old Coach Yard".    These folks were actually  friendly.   I guess this was back in the days when railroads  were afforded  a  more relaxed  attitude.

    Both engines set  "cold"  awaiting the next day's  excursion in the Coach Yard.

    The workers on the 2102  invited us to look inside.  Looking out the fireman's  window,  the fireman's  backhead,  the engineer's  side of the cab.

    Looking at  nearby  Penn Station  were the excursion's  coaches were stored.

    the following day  just outside of Pittsburgh

    about  3  miles East of  Greensburg

    Between Wilkinsburg and Altoona  crossing a stone bridge

    Arriving at Johnstown were the train will make an unscheduled stop as #2102's  crew inspect the running gear for problems.   This was just the beginning of troubles for this excursion !

    The excursion continues on as both engines slip their drivers leaving Johnstown.

    #4070's  engineer  as the train passes through Derry Pa.

   passing by the Jeannette  PA. station 

            notice the kids going fishing are surprised to see steam

            also a close-up of the SW7 #9097 and transfer caboose still lettered PC #18551

    The steam engines descend Horseshoe Curve separated from their train.   Here the #4070, with steam coming out of  it's tender ( ie. no water left inside) passes by with the 2102 and diesel escort.