Albany Ohio Airport
during the 2000 decade

The airport has just gotten a new terminal building and will soon open an additional 1500 feet of runway.
  * Looking South at the new runway extension.  A semi has just dropped off
         skids of sod as heavy equipment puts the final touches on the North end.
  * The new Terminal faces North and features a spacious lobby, supply sales,
         meeting rooms, restrooms and office space.
  * Behind the terminal you can see where the runway extension begins.
  * At the other end of the airport a privately owned Cessna 170? leaves the hanger.
  * Jay back the Cessna Centurion into a crowded hanger.
  * Ohio University recently obtained a small jet trainer.  The L-29 Delfin was
         manufactured in Czechoslovak as a two seat jet trainer.  The ejection seats have
         been removed long with the tail to permit a through inspection. The foreword cockpit
         looks fairly simple; no display screens.  The rear cockpit would be for the instructor.

   OU has a web page of  some of  their aircraft at: