Trip  to  Boston

May 31, 2002
Ohio University sent two of  us to a Data Networking manufacturer's facility in Andover Massachusetts (just North of Boston) for  training.   On May 13th.  we flew out of Columbus Ohio and  returned on May 17th.    These are some of the photos I took during the trip.

Columbus Airport - Monday afternoon

Our flight was to leave at Gate B22 so when this jet taxed up near the right hour, we thought it was ours.  Wrong , it was Flight #4342 to O'Hare.
Then they announced our flight would leave gate B24 instead. Ken Bailey & I moved to that gate.  Another jet taxied in but it was Flight #4410 to New York's La Guardia airport.
Our jet was still inbound ; delayed by weather and air traffic congestion.  One and a half hours late our Flight #4759 left for Boston-Logan airport.

Boston - Monday evening

The actual flight time was about 10 minutes quicker than advertised.   The weather was more like Seattle's.
At first we thought Ken's luggage had entered the Bermuda Triangle however it did eventually emerge.
We picked up the rental  and saw this in front of us as we left the airport.

Later in the evening we traveled North to Portsmouth New Hampshire to have supper with Steve Courcy and his wife, along with Faith Hunter of  Enterasys Corporation.

Boston - Tuesday

Steve invited us out to a Red Sox baseball game at Fenway Park !  The Oakland A's  were in town that week.

Prior to the game we did a little sight seeing around town.

Coming into Boston from the North on Route 93 near the Somerville area we pass by the new Bunker Hill bridge which is part of the City's famous "Big Dig" highway project.   Near the bridge was one of the  "T" rail stations.  The goal of the Big Dig is to relocate the overhead highway system  underneath the city streets.

We drove through the city streets, past the Boston Commons park, up Beacon Street and West on Commonwealth Avenue where some pro sports  players have their homes.  We initially thought this Baptist Church might be the famous Old North Church.

On the East side of the downtown area is the Faneuil Hall marketplace, a group of small shops and wagon vendors.  Steve and Ken stand outside the long market building which has a room in the center with a dome ceiling.

As time got closer to the game we drove into the area near Fenway Park and ate supper.

I understand Fenway is the oldest Major League Baseball Park.  This year was the park's  90th.  birthday.  A photo of me outside and later inside the park.   The game was delayed one hour because of rain.  After awhile the sun began to shine!   The stadium ground crew got a big cheer as they rolled up the tarp covering the field; Steve looks on.   Veteran player Rickey Henderson and later shortstop Nomar Garciaparra at bat.  With bases loaded Rickey hit a single encouraged by a cheering home crowd.  The scoreboard says "Rickey Henderson now has 2854 carrier singles tying Roberto Clemente for 20th. all time".    At the top of the 9th inning we moved down around  the first base line.  The scoreboard shows the final score of Boston 6 to Oakland's 2 runs.   After the game outside.

Andover Mass. - Wednesday

Our training was held at the Enterasys  Executive/Training Center.

After the day's class  we choose to just rest and remain at the  Wyndham Hotel.   A  photo from my  room's  balcony at our maroon mini van below.

Gloucester Mass. - Thursday

Due to the lack of a map we arrived in town with only 45 minutes before darkness came.   Once in town we drove towards the Visitor's Center, known as Stage Fort Park.   Kids played baseball in the park, near a huge rock memorial to the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  We took  background photos of  ourselves  looking East towards the ocean ; and yes that is a lighthouse at a distance.     The tide was out  judging from the high water marks on the shore.  Notice another Lighthouse in the top center of this photo.   Across town, we saw some of the fishing and pleasure boats  and observed  the sunset as darkness came.

Gloucester was the seen of the recent movie The Perfect Storm  (see the waves !  - go to STORM / AMATEUR VIDEO)

Boston Mass. - Friday

Before Ken and I flew back we went sight seeing in Boston again.

Looking South across the Charles river towards Boston.

The Harvard bridge with the MIT campus buildings in the background.  Tom Ellsworth posted this about the bridge's history:  The bridge connecting Boston and Cambridge (Massachusetts) via Massachusetts Avenue is commonly know as the Harvard Bridge. When it was built, the state offered to name the bridge for the Cambridge school that could present the best claim for the honor. Harvard submitted an essay detailing its contributions to education in America, concluding that it deserved the honor of having a bridge leading into Cambridge named for the institution. MIT did a structural analysis of the bridge and found it so full of defects that they agreed that it should be named for Harvard.  (link to his site)  ;-)

After visiting the souvenir shops around Fenway Park we traveled East along Boylston street into the downtown area where one of the Duck Tour vehicles pasted by.  Then we drove around Boston Commons park on Arlington Ave. and turned onto Beacon street.   This other downtown street is very narrow.  Perhaps the intersection of  State street.

Well we needed to work our way towards the airport.  We drove past the Traffic Tunnel Administration building as we approached the Callahan tunnel, heading for the airport.

Once at the airport we were bussed to a more remote area where we boarded our jet.  Later, I was viewing this photo and  recognized my luggage boarded the plane as I did !     Some turboprop planes nearby.