Andy and April's  Wedding
revised   Saturday, January 03, 2009

On Saturday June 2, 2001  Andy Price and April DeMar were married in Salem Ohio.

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Prior to Wedding


the Wedding and the Reception were both held at the Saxon Club located Southwest of  town
the Bride and attendants prior to the Wedding

Nathan Roe greets Pastor Mike, Marie and Heidi Brunk

Andy greets Josh and family

Pastor Mike, Marie, Josh and Jessica Nye

guests began to arrive and are seated

Pastor Doug and Nathan on one side, with Valery and Ben on the other side

Formal Photos

April's dress

the couple with the Bride's  family

the Bridge & Groom  with both their parents

Saying  vows

April puts the ring on Andy's hand

posing with relatives

posing with other relatives

posing with more relatives


the Bride and the Groom greet guests ( photo#2 , photo#3 )

Steve DeMar and  Dorean Yorde

Pastor Doug  and Valery DeMar

Pastor Alspach holds Lydia Heicoup

Chuck, Barbara and Chara Yorde

Andrew Brunk and Scott Hickman's  family

Henry Heicoup and kids

some teen guests: Steven Hixson, Nic Pisano (seated), Nathan Brunk, Andrew Brunk, Ben Lachman, Josh Nezbeth

"chow line"  at the Reception

April talks with a guest

Andy's  brother and family

Bill Nezbeth and Tom York
another couple

Pastors Hixson and Brunk

Pastor Steve Byrd and Carol  Nezbeth

time for cake ( Chara Yorde & Amy on right)

the Coopers

finally April & Andy get time to set down

April and Dorean