Athens  Bible  Church  Teens
Visit  Salem  Bible  Church
Feb. 27 - Mar. 1, 1998

 Friday  Night  Activities  at  the  Nezbeth's  House

    * Pastor DeMar  plays  video games with some of the boys

    * Teens  play  board games  and  video  games

    * Nathan Brunk  plays  against  Pastor DeMar  in  Intendo 64's  Mario Kart
    * Steven DeMar  and  Steven Hixson  play  video games  as
           Nathan Brunk  ( far left )  and  Josh Nezbeth ( far right )  watch

    * Left to Right  are  Nathan Brunk,  Steven DeMar, Steven Hixson, and Josh Nezbeth

    * Left  to  Right  are  Allison DeMar,  Lindsay Nezbeth  and   Jackie Dailie

    * Group  Picture    L-R  Front Row  are  Carol Nezbeth, Andrew Brunk, Josh Nezbeth,
                                               Jackie Dailie,  Nathan Brunk, and Steven Hixson
                                          Second Row are  April DeMar,  Lindsay  Nezbeth,  Allison DeMar,
                                               Steven DeMar,  Josh Brunk,  Nathan DeMar
                                          Back Row  are Michele Coffman, Pastor DeMar, Dave Dupler

Saturday  Activities
     *  the  Boys  stayed  overnight at the  Nezbeth's  House ;  Saturday  morning  QUIET !

     *  a  view  of  the  Nezbeth's  Home

     *  all  Teens  attended  the  Hermeneutics  Class  at  the  Church  ( Photo #1Photo #2 )

     *  Afternoon  activities  were held  at  the  Gordan's  Farm   near   Lisbon

     *  Teens  hang-out  in  the  barn

     *  Boys  play  "King-of-the-Mountain"  in the  hay  pile  ( Photo #1Photo #2 )

     *  April  DeMar  stands  by  her  brother  Nathan  as  he  wrestles with a  collie dog

     *  Valerie DeMar  leads in a game of  Charads

     The  Girls  spent  Saturday Night at the Gordan's   and  the  Boys  went to  the  DeMar's 
      *  Ben  DeMar  carries a  new  puppy  in  a  box  as Josh  &  Andrew  Brunk  look  on

      *  Steven Hixson, Josh Nezbeth, Ben DeMar  and  Nathan Brunk  play  PC  Games

      *  Pastor DeMar  does an evening devotion
      *  Josh Nezbeth, Andrew Brunk  and  Steven Hixson  set  talking after Sunday breakfast

      *  Left to Right are Ben, Nathan, Josh with puppy, Steven, Andrew

      *  the  Salem  Bible  Church  building

      *  Dave and the Teens  pose  outside the Church  Sunday morning