Walter & Leona Smith's  Wedding

On September 23, 2000  Leona Williamson  and Walter Smith were married at Chillicothe Bible Church.
Below are several photos taken at the Wedding and  later the Reception at a nearby High School.

Nov. 01,2000

Leona & Walter  (click-on to enlarge)
Leona's father escorts her down the isle and arrive up front

"I  present to  you  Mr. & Mrs. Walter Smith"

bride & groom  pose with family

the couple  pose  with Pastors holding the marriage certificate

At the reception - Pastor Ted Alspach presents a Bible

the couple cut their cake

Leona's  friends from work

Mr. & Mrs. Lucas ,  Mr. & Mrs. Haynes

Pam Sisson talks with the DeMars

kids discover another use for their bubbles with a fan

 Walter & Leona  depart as  friends look on