Baptism  at  Lake Snowden in Albany Ohio
Sept. 7, 1997

                          These photos are of the recent baptism ceremony that was held by the Athens Bible Church.
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People began arriving

                              Some of the Teens
          Seated is Nathan Brunk,  L-R is Steven Hixson,
                        Josh Brunk,  James Hixson

                                   Before hand, those seated pause for
                                  Prayer and other preparation

                        the 3 candidates  for  Baptism
         L-R  Leona Williamson,  Michelle & Glena  Coffman

                                                                                       Linda Hixson looks on as Pastor Hixson
                                                                           delivers a pre-Baptism message on the purpose of Baptism

                         a sequence of photos showing Michelle Coffman's  baptism

after the ceremony
Andrew Brunk pushes Joshua Marsh

   Although  many folks today feel that water baptism is a part of personal salvation the Bible does not.  Baptism
is a  public profession, of those who already believe;  that they are now Christians.  The Bible is quite clear that
there is  NOT  anything we can do to remove our past sins  ( Titus 3:5a,  Eph 2:8-9).  Often folks misunderstand
Bible passages like Acts 2:38 .   It is evident from surrounding passages that belief  ( salvation) comes before baptism.
Acts 2:41 better shows the sequence.  Also look at  Acts 16:30-34  and  Acts 18:8 .

   In the Bible's  Old Testament  Isaiah the prophet writes "...all our rightness are as filthy rags..." ( Isa 64:6 ).  Think of
that,  even our best deeds are tainted with personal pride and sin!   Rom 3:23 says "we have all sinned and come short
of  the Glory of God."   Some have sinned worse than others  but  we all have enough sin to keep us out of  Heaven.

   The Apostle Paul says in  I Cor 1:14  that he is glad that he has baptized only a few people.  Then in verse 17  Paul
says what his mission is;  to preach the Gospel.  He tells what that gospel is in   I  Cor 15: 1-4 .

   Don't  trust anything to save you.  Trust only God.   "But God commendeth his love toward us in that,  while we were
yet sinners, Christ died for us."  ( Rom 5:8 ).

   read  Jn 3:16