Photos  of  the  1970s & Early 80s
 Revised  02/21/2003
 *   Jack and Sue  Ellis  in 1976   photo by Chris Duffy

 *  Bob & Susy Lawton  with Pastor Hixson - July 1978

 *  Doug  &  Valery  DeMar's   wedding  in  1977
             the  Bride  arrives  up front
             a  close-up  of  Pastor  Hixson
             the  women  and  men  in the Wedding
             Doug  greets  Carol  Charlie'  ( today  Carol  Harbaugh )

 * the  Hocking Tech Bible Class -  May 1977  ( Chuck, Doug, Paul, Art )

 * some of  the  HTC  group  at  Art Matthew's  house on Columbus Road

 * Barbara & the  HTC  gang ( minus Rob Gerard )  at  43 Morris Ave. house
            seen are  Don  Gray,  Jeff Smith, Bob Merold,  Chuck Yorde,
            Dave Dupler,  Doug DeMar,  Kelvin McKeehan

 * "The Nelsonville Kids"  of  Barbara  Denda's  Bible Club, Dave Dupler,
      Chuck  Yorde  &  Art  Matthew outside of Galbreath Chapel  - May 1978

 *  Rick  Mallery  and  Dave Dupler  take a break  from  attempting  to  play
       LaCross  at  the Church Picnic - 1978      photo by Chris Duffy

 *  Mike  and  Marie  during  an evening  Fellowship , about 1978

 * Tom and Diane Smith's  Wedding - May 1978
       Bride, Broom, bride's  maid,  best man  & Pastor
       Guests Mr. Cox, Allen Lewis, Rick Mallery, Brian Kuzman,
              Phil Stinner, Mike Dunn, Jim Charlie',  Walker boy  &  others

 * 1978 ABC  Congregation  photo
          Joe Ann,  Margret,  Debbie, Jenny, Elaine  ( Richard Mal  to right )
        Ray Harbaugh,  Rick  Mallery,  Phil  Stinner
                       ( Valery  standing behind them )

 * Camp Logos  1979
       Emod  delivers  the  message  as  Mr. Haynes  & others listened
       Pastor Hixson  makes  pancakes
      Mike Brunk gets a specially prepaired breakfast following
            comments about the cooks the night before
       group  photo  of entire  Senior Camp
      Pam,  Emod Mckale,  Julie,  Mr. Lucas
       councelor  Bob Merold,   Leon  Chimenz, &  other campers
       Pastor Hixson,  Margret & Joe Jay,  and  councelor  Ted Asplach
       Mike Brunk  looks on  as  Ted  jokes with  Pastor Alspach Sr.
         Ted Alspach  and  Mike Brunk   in the chow-line

* 1980  Spring  Picnic
     Joe Ann, Ray H., Scott Rattray, Carol Reese, Helen & Doug, Terri's mom
     Mary, Margret Jay, Gail, Lenora, Brian, Johnatan Hinson, Stu Hake
     Jay Vaughn, Chris Duffy, Cinthia Sands, Terri ( Kuzman)

*  Sept. 13, 1981  Baptism  at  Lake Snowden  in  Albany

*  Family Photos of  Jeff  Smith   Bob Hake   Pete Chase   Doug DeMar
                  Gary Manning's    - Sept. 22, 1981

Mr. Mingus  with  young  Josh  Brunk  during  a  birthday  Fellowship
        held  at  the  Charlie'  house - Mar. 1982

 *  Pastor  Alspach  with  Missionaries to France,  Don & Nichole King
            - Aug. 22, 1981

 * 1981 Camp  Kitchen Staff  ( the Bells, Jays, Jeanne, Dave Dupler & etc. )

 * Two starving Junior Councelors  arrive for a unscheduled  evening
             meal  ( Bob Merold  &  Ted Alspach ) -  Camp 1981

 * Ted  Alspach's junior  cabin - 1981     As I seem to recall , this
             was the year that God used Ted to lead all the boys to Christ !

* ABC  Congregation  outside of  Lancaster St.  Church - June 1982
        ( close-up Leftclose-up Right )
           another  view  of  Lancaster St. Congregation

* ABC  Building Committee reviews  options  prior  to building the Church
        a visit to a polebarn Church in Guysville - Mar. 1982
               shown are  Pete Chase, Stu Hake, Mike Brunk, Doug Hennig
        a site visit of  our  current  site  on  Poston Road - Feb. 1982
              Mike Brunk & Dave Dupler  look on

1984  Congregation  photo    taken by  Bob Lawton
                             ( close-up Left , close-up Right )

Marie and a very  young Andrew  Brunk 1984  photo by Chris Duffy

Lydia & Elsa at OUBF's  Literature  Booktable  1984   by Bob Lawton

the  Bob Lawton  family  taken at OU  in 1984