Grandma Swank's  85th. Birthday

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Grandma inside Roger & Charlotte's  house
the view from the drive and a little closer

three views inside the house showing its timber framing

A photo of  all the Swank family   (another photo)

Another photo of  Grandma

Butch standing inside

Jennifer trys to talk Don into something

Grandma and aunt Elaine prepair for Lunch

Jeff  Bean and family

Lance and Lisa

Ron & Shelby (aka dad & mom)

Sandy and daughter

Grandma blows-out the candles on her birthday cake

Roger and Charlotte in the backyard

Dad, Grandma and her brother Harry

Butch talks with Harry

Don, Mark and foster son David

Sandy talks with Trisha (Steve's wife)

Carol pauses to look at the garden before she leaves

Other photos of  the garden and front of the house

the old family farm house