Dupler  Family  Reunion  held  1976?  at  Kachalmacher Park in Logan

seated in front row - Shane Campbell,  Doug Dupler,  Anthony Jennice
2nd. row - Brian Williams ( with glove),  Kelly-Joe Williams,  Tim Sanborn, Cathy Campbell,
      Judy Gilbert (behind Cathy),  Diane Campbell,  Cliff  Campbell,  Brent Williams,  Don Dupler
3rd  row - Jean Ross,  Lora  Broadhead ( behind Jean), Sandy & Heather Moore ,
     Shirley Sanborn with  hand on Kim Williams,  Christy & Shelby (behind Christy) Dupler, Bill Gilbert,
     Nadine Evans & daughter Ingrid
Back row - Brenda Sanborn, Helen & Warren ( behind Helen ) Dupler, Jim Sanborn, Ron Dupler