Ron  Dupler

born: Oct. 1934 in Longstreath Ohio
died: Nov.2016

baby Ronald & mother Alverta

high school graduation photo


Steve and dad show their old baseball jerseys - Oct. 21, 2006 

* Dressed as Southern gentleman and lady, while on vacation at Rehoboth beach in Delaware - June 2002

Laid-off  from North American Aviation in Columbus dad provided for us by doing a mid-life career change.
In 1972 he opened a Mobile Home Sales lot South of Nelsonville.

* In 1975 I was just out of High School and began using a 35mm camera.
* He is a photo of our 2 service trucks and of a typical
     mobile home we sold back then ( 1976  60x12 Hillcrest).

* at his desk in the office Oct. 2008