the  Kensington Baseball Team
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         Left to Right:  Connie Hillyer, Douglas Dupler, George Locke, Bill Hillyer, Oscar Dupler,
    Ed Dawley, Ed Woods, Curt Fox, Danny Clemons, Jimmy Dupler, Howard Locke, Russell Woods

Kensington is a town located in Northern Ohio , near New Philadelpha.  Harley Dupler was born in
Kensington.  Oscar & other  Longstreath area folks had moved to Northern Ohio  to work in a mine
that  Douglas  had discovered  was hiring.   A few years later that mine "played out"  and
most  folks returned to  Longstreath.   Ed Dawley said this photo would have been taken in 1929
or maybe 1930.

           * Douglas Dupler photo ;  thanks to Ed Dawley  for identifing  many of the players