West Coast Vacation
page revised   4/15/2002
From September 9 thru September 17, 2000  I traveled along the West Coast photographing the various scenic locations along the way.

My parents and younger brother Mark & I flew into Seattle, then drove Highway 101 and #1  along the coastline.  We concluded by flying out of  San Jose airport.

About 85%  of my Photos are now posted.

The Flight out
    * The plane for our departure arrives at Columbus and taxies up
    * at Detroit,  Dad holds up a certificate for his first flight ever

 Shortly after our arrival in Seattle we had dinner with Mom's  cousins.
   * Here are Sue & Al  Moore , then Sue and her brother John Swartz
   * her other brother  Mike Swartz
   * Mom took this photo of (Lto R) Myself, Mark in background, and Dad.
   * photo of  Derrell McDougald  and  two more photos of other family members
   * a photo of our whole gang after dinner.

 The next morning found us enroute to Mount Rainier - Sept. 10
   * We stopped at a Tourist Railroad in Elbe Washington.  Mom took my picture as
         I  photographed their  2-8-2 steam engine and surrounding equipment.
   * Just before Mt.Rainier is the Longmire Museum of  metal sculptures
   * Dad & Mom at Narada Falls enroute to Mt. Rainier
        Mark takes a photo from below the Falls
   * Mark crosses a footbridge as rainwater streams down the hill behind at Cougar Rock.
   * Mom and Mark pose on the walkway at Christine Falls.
   * Riffe Lake as the fog rises.   ( Click Here for a Web site )
         This Lake was created in 1968 by the Mossyrock Dam used for electric generation.

   Astoria is located in the Northwest corner of the State.
    * At the 17th Street Dock is a Museum and a replica Sternwheeler  Queen of the West .
    * Several ocean freighters dropped anchor in town.
    * Here we see ex-Coast Guard lightship Columbia and a former navigation buoy.
    * Also at 17th. street dock is the Coast Guard cutter Steadfast .
    * High on the hill overlooking the town is the lighthouse Astoria Tower .
         Art work along the Tower depicting the 1806 Lewis & Clark Expodition
    * Driving toward the Tower we passed several Victorian homes ( close-up) ,
         including this one once owned by industrialist George Washington Sanborn

   Then we drove South along the coast.
   * Mom and Dad  pose in the picnic area of Ecola State Park.
    *  1 1/2 miles from the coast is the Tallamook lighthouse  ( close-up  photo ).
    * looking North from the Park's  lookout point , then looking South at a classic shot.
    * looking West with the Lighthouse in the distance, then looking Southwest.

    * a little further down the coast we began to get more sunshine.
    * Here I startled 2 hikers when I jumped out unexpectedly, South of Oswald State Park.
    * two photos near Garbaldi and then leaving town.
    * A pasture field with livestock between Hebo and Cloverdale.
    * Yaquina Head Lighthouse near Newport.  Looking South, notice the large Harbor Seals.
    * Looking North, just North of  Neptune State Park.

    * North of Florence is the Hegeta Head Lighthouse built in 1894.
       Glenn Cline's  1999 Photos also of  this Lighthouse  and another of the coastline.
    * Mom took this photo of a cage used to catch Crabs at Port Siuslaw in Florence.
    * Mark & Mom wave at Dunes National Park.   ATVs on a giant hill of sand.
    * Coquille River Lighthouse across the inlet from Bandon.
    * the Coastline a few miles South of  Port Orford.
    * Glenn Cline's  1999 photo of  Umpqua Lighthouse south of Reedsport.

.              Click Here  for a  Oregon Lighthouse Web Site

     * Mark & I stand in one of the famous "Drive Thru" trees.
           A nearby Tree House actually made from a trunk of a tree.
     * Our rental van driving thru another tree called Chandelier Tree near Leggett.
          Oh the disrespect I have to tolerate from my younger brothers   ;-)
          Next  Mom & Dad pose at the same tree

    * someone got in the way of Mom's picture  , as we were driving along the coast

    * Eureka had many Victorian Era homes and businesses (Mom's Photos).
         Mark seen taking a photo of the Eagle House Inn
         a quick photo from the van of  Hotel Carter
         today this commercial Vic is the Chapala Restaurant
         Today a Men's Club, was once owned by an industrialist
         across the street was this pink colored Vic ( close-up )
         this Vic was dark brown and had to elaborate brick chimneys
         beside it was a smaller Vic home
         quick photo from the van of another smaller Victorian Era home

 One of our chief  goals was to visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
                               Under Construction - not all Links are yet working
     * Mom's  photo of our Rental car, a Mazda MPV mini van.
    * Here is a photo as we approach the Golden Gate Bridge at the North side of the City.
    * Here are two  photos of us with the Bridge in the background.
    * The famous old Alcatraz Prison Island near the Bridge.
    * Driving across the Bridge we pass by one of the two huge supporting towers.
    * One of the famous hill streets.
    * Note the green sign on the top right advertising Fisherman's Wharf
    * On the Bay Bridge between San Fran  and Oakland
    * a few of the hundreds of  Windmill Electric Generators East of  Stockton - Sept. 13,2000

 Another primary goal was to see Yosemite National Park.
   * We entered the Park  from the West and later drove along this stream.
   * a beautiful meadow located behind the Crane Flats gas station
   * a little further Southeast we saw evidence of recent forest fires
   * Mom's photo of  me as I photographed the 7569 foot  El Capitan mountain
   * I took a photo of Mom as she photographed the same area.
   * another photo looking East from the same vicinity
   * once inside the Park we drove along the loop road, along the valley floor
          there were several great meadow photo opportunities
          near the center of the valley is a Chapel , across the road is the base of  El Capitan

   * Around noon Mom took these photos of the El Capitan valley from Route#40
   * This is my photo of the same Valley.
   * the Bridalveil Water Fall at the Park ( another close-up photo)
   * as we drove South in the Park we came to the Historical Village
         Here we four pose at the entrance to this pioneer style village.
         the view right after crossing the covered bridge.
         bear proof trash can
         One of the building seems to have some Swiss influence.
         This is a more traditional family  two story house.
         another nearby cabin.
   * as we drove South thru the Park, we came to the Giant Sequoia grove.
   * My brother Mark & I pose with Mom and then Dad at the giant  trees

 Santa Cruz - Friday afternoon till Saturday afternoon
   * besides the beach, this City has a Boardwalk and Amusement Park
   * here is a view of our Hotel, taken from the nearby pier.
         My room was in the taller structure, far right, fifth floor.
   * I took these photos from the balcony window Saturday morning.
     Notice all the local teenagers beginning to congregate on surf boards
   * at the Municipal Wharf (pier) looking North at the City park and more surfers
   * Several private boats were tied-up nearby; notice the 'Ocean Kayaks' passing.
   * this 18" diameter jellyfish was about hundred yards from where I was swimming
         earlier.   So that's why the surfers where those rubber suits ! ( cold water too)
   * While attempting to capture Pelicans in flight, I seem to have caught one of them
        doing the 'unmentionable'.
   * looking North at the shoreline in nearby Capitola
   * Mom's photo of  a seal

 The Flight back on Sunday Sept. 17th.
    * can you spot the Airport below in this photo ?
    * we finally did get to see Mt. Rainier , it is faintly visible on the horizon ( 3 States away)