Dupler side of the Family Tree

updated: Thursday September 13, 2007
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My Grandparents
Oscar & Alverta Dupler

old photo of  the  Kensington  Baseball  Team  about 1930

Oscar Dupler family 1944 in Longstreath  

Uncle Harley about 1945?

Aunt Shirley about 1949
notice the porch had not yet been enclosed, making the kitchen

Grandma Dupler holding Sandy, with Nadine, Diane & Gereta - 1953
when Warren & Helen lived by Conners, just going into Buchtel

probably cousin Angie at Grandpa's house about 1954

The whole family gathers for Dad's Birthday in 1954
LtoR - Helen, Diane, Grandma, Grandpa, Shirley, Harley, Judy and Dad

Harold Family about 1955
LtoR - my Grandma Alverta Dupler (maden name Austin),
Ida (maden name Pierson, married Austin & remarried Harold)
& John Harold and Charlotte Seals (maden name Harold)

Easter morning - Sandy, Jean, Diane and Grandma Dupler about 1956

Grandpa Oscar "Ockey" Dupler

Newt Brooks took this photo in 1966
Grandpa, Shirley, Brenda, Jimmy & Tim

     Dupler  Family Reunion  at  Logan  Park - 1976 ?

Dupler family gathering in Buchtel 1981

Clyde Harold (Grandma Dupler's 1/2 brother) and Steve Dupler - 1984

Oscar Dupler's Clan -  1991  Homecoming  ( Close-ups:  Left Right )

some  of  Oscar & Alverta Dupler's  kids  with spouses -  Sept. 1991

Dupler  Family  Reunion -  June 28, 1992    ( Close-ups: Left  &  Right )

the  "All  Dupler  Team"  at  the Longstreath Homecoming  1997

Uncle Jim & Shirley on 50th.Wedding Anniversary - Dec. 24,2001

Uncle Jim & Shirley with their Kid's families - 2001

my brother Mark and Aunt Diane & Clyde do a surprise visit to
Jim & Shirley Sanborn in Satellite Beach Florida - Jan. 2002

Sept. 2, 2007  Dupler family reunion at Longstreath Ohio