Swank  side of the Family Tree

Dec.27, 2002
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My Grandparents
Rosley & Lawrence Swank

Christmas 1973 at Grandma's

Great Grandma  Swartz - Christmas 1976  at  Canal Winchester Ohio

a Spring 1981 lunch
  * Lori  rocks as Tom reads the paper
  * Dad holds his first Grandchild as Bob looks on

Four  Generations
   Mom,  Amy, Bob, Tara Ann  & Grandma  Swank - 1982

Christmas 1983 at Grandma's in Canal Winchester
   * Her kitchen and dinning rooms are decorated
   * Grandma near the Christmas tree & opening presents
   * Aunt Charlotte, Grandmal, Robin & Kent Williams, my mom Shelby
   * Steve & Mark play ping-pong in the basement

Family Get-to-Gather at Butch's - 1984
   * If my memory is correct, Butch was house-sitting this summer
   * Mom, Tara Ann and Grandma Swank
   * Tara Ann, Lori and Amy with kittens
   * Christy watches Dad and Amy
   * Mom and Grandma Swank talk after lunch

Thanksgiving  1998  at  Tom & Sandy's in Lancaster
       * Aunt Elaine is in the foreground , with Sandy to Grandma's  right
       * My mom and  my Grandma Swank

Grandma Swank's 85th. Birthday Picnic at Roger & Charlotte's
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Five  Generations    Click Here  to view
     Grandma  Swank, Mom, Bob, Teri Ann, Connor   - 2001

Grandma Swank's 86th. Birthday - July 4, 2002
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