Thanksgiving 2002

Ashley makes the home made whip cream.

Don carves the turkey as mom passes by quickly.

Bob stacks the turkey as Donny tests the flavor.

Waiting for the last few folks to arrive.

This year mom wanted us to eat at the table.  So we had a "kids table" and one for the adults.

After lunch most, like Bob, went into the TV room to watch football.

Steve and Trisha

Tracy helps mom with the dishes ( and yes I did offer to help! )

Caleb throws a ball at Steve's velcro target.

Next Micha wrestles with his dad.

Dad drops coins as the grandkids scramble to gather them.

Bob's daughter Amy says hello.

Steve, Micha and Don go squirrel hunting.   Final score 0-0 .

Mark has the right idea for after lunch.

Caleb plays checkers with Ashley, then with his grandpa Dupler.