Christmas  1998

*  Mom talks to Donnie,  as Christy  &  Amy ( Bob's daughter) set on the couches

Left to Right are:  Micha (Steve's son),  Don, Tera-Ann ( Bob's oldest), Donnie,
        and Steve's other two kids  Marcy & Caleb ( on the couch) and  Jennifer .
*  Mom,  Tera Ann  and  Dad  in the kitchen

Dad,  Caleb  and  Christy  on the couch

*  Dad opens his presents as  Steve, Amy, Micha, Tracy ( Bob's  wife)
        & Christy look on.

*  Caleb  opens his presents as Trisha and Bob look on.  Also Jennifer ( Don's oldest),
       Donnie  and  Mark ( setting to the right) are in the photo.

*  Usually  I  take photos  but  am  not in them.  Here I am with  Dad & Mom.

All of us boys: Left to Right are  Mark, Don, Dave, Steve & Bob