2002  Vegetable  Garden

Sunday July 02, 2006

This year's garden only had tomato plants.   I discovered 2 new varieties that I really liked and one that I will never plant again. 

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... Better Boy - a standard in most folk's  garden for its softball size fruit.


This year I had a couple of these plants.  They produced nice sized and shaped fruit, free of defects.   The vines held up well even later in the season.  Here is a photo of what happens if tomatoes stay on the vine too long


...Ponderosa Pink - a low acid tomato

They look allot like the old  Mortgage Lifter  variety.  The vines were not very disease resistant.  The larger than softball size fruit has some cat facing on the bottom  and  not an appealing smooth appearance.   This variety did not produce many fruit; perhaps as low as 8 per plant for the summer.


...Viva Italia -  pear shaped

Next to the cherry tomato plants, this variety was the top producer in the garden!  Even though classified as determinate I never lacked tomatoes from these 3 plants.  They were great sliced or  processed into juice.   I favorite of mine for future gardens. 



...Mr. Smiley - a red tomato with yellow stripes ( so I hear )

This was the real dud of the year.  I only got a few toms to form and they developed black spot just before maturing.  The plant was big .  However, from the beginning it appeared to have a disease ( curled leaves ).  



...Super Sweet 100 - Cherry Tomato

The two plants made "quad-zillions" of  little tomatoes!   I didn't need to spray this year, so the whole neighborhood would walk up to the plants and graze on delicious bite size tomatoes.  Another plant I'll use in the future.