Hocking Valley Scenic Railway
1980s - Years of  Transition

Sunday May 11, 2003
recent additions = 2 steam engines arrive & etc. at bottom

The 1980s were the 'teenage years'  for the railway.   During these years the railway paid off  it's original founders and began to develop from a more balanced financial position.  Some of the original entrepreneur members left and were replaced by members looking in new directions to grow.
 Trips  on  the  Athens  Sub-Division  ( 5 Miles used 1981-1985 ? )
   The  1980  Santa Claus Christmas trips were a transition between running on the old  Monday Creek
Branchline  and  the  1981  season  which would run on the  Athens Sub-Division.   The  Monday Creek's   Station
was used.  Trains then backed across  St.Rt. 691 and into the yard  where  they  were switched off of the Branchline and onto  the  Athens Subdivision.    See this rare operation in the following photos.

  * Fireman Don Weatherby and Engineer Bill Moorehead  about to back out of the Station
  * Santa Claus  Special  seen backing on Branchline toward  the  Mainline
  * Train  seen  passing under  Coaling Tipple ,  then  crossing  Bridge 63.0  on
          the Athens Sub-Division  Mainline
  * Engine #33  seen at  Glenn Ebon,  which was as far South as trips ever went  ( Milepost  66.6 )
  * returning  Train  seen  backing across  the Hocking River Bridge 63.0,  near  Hocking College
  * Brakeman Ross Ballard  prepares to exit the Train and throw the switch
  * Ross seen throwing the switch that would send the Train down the branchline and
          towards the old Station site.
  * returning  Train seen just before the St.Rt. 691  crossing.  Notice the old  Hump
          roadbed still in place at right.
  * Karl Underwood  watches the Train return to the Station
  * Santa Claus  waves as the Train's  rear passes
  * an unknown  Trainman  helps passengers  from the Train

New Location for the Station
The 1981 season  would use the Athens Sub-Division out of  the current Station's  site.
  * In this Sept.1981  photo;  notice no Station has been built yet.
      Also  notice that the HVSRy's  two original,  ex-Erie coaches are shown near their end
      of active service  as  the three  recently purchased  ex-Rock Island cars had arrived.
  * Train about ready to depart during the 1982 Santa Claus Christmas specials
          ( additional  Photo 1, Photo 2Photo 3 )

First  Diesel  Arrives on the Railway  -  Dec. 12, 1981
  *  Steam Engine has just returned to Nelsonville  with  Flatcar
  *  a  side view of  flatcar  with diesel on it
  *  then President Wayne Lutes begins to remove blocking
  *  looking up the  ramp  at  the  diesel  ( today a site of a mobile home park )
  *  placing  timber  "rails"  for the diesel to slide along  the  flatcar's  deck

...2 Additional Steam Engines  Arrive  -  April 1982
  The Ohio Power company donated 2 cars and 2 small steam locomotives to the HVSRy.  The cars were the Dover Fort and the Oaklane which arrived in Nelsonville by rail.  Steam engine #2 was a "thermos bottle" type also known as a fireless cooker.   Only 0-6-0 steam engine #3 had a tender.   Engine#3's tender arrived in Nelsonville by highway.  Finally #3 & #2 arrived on flatcars.   The ramp was again used to unload these locomotives.

   * Looking up the ramp along side the "reach cars".  Today the junk yard on the right is a mobile home park.

   * Greased wooden planks made rails along the top of the flatcars.

   * Retired C&O carman Don Ray checks the track's  gauge as HV president Wayne Lutes, looks on.

   * Once the blocking was removed the tank cars reached up and pulled #2 off of the flatcar

   * Then #3's  flatcar was switched out and placed against the ramp.   Note the track jacks used on the corners of the flatcar to keep the springs from compressing as the weight shifted, lowering the car's height.

   * Steve secures the wooden rails as Wayne and Fred Stockdale look on.

   * A lite rain begins to fall as #3 leaves the flatcar.

   * Everything is towed towards the engine house.  Notice the old roundhouse still standing on the right.  The track hardware in the foreground is several switches salvaged from scrapping the old Monday Creek branchline.  A milepost and two whistle posts are laying there too.


New  Station  is  built  for  the  Railway
 In  mid 1982  the railway's  current  station was built.  This station was designed by HVSRy founder ( 1 of 3 men) and Architect  Ted Goodman.  The Baird Foundation  provided the funding and donated land for the project. The station's design was based on a similar turn-of-the-century  Hocking Valley Station at  Rising Sun Ohio.  The trees needed  for the exterior lumber were donated by local  Attorney  Mike Nolan.  Hocking College's  timber mill  sawed the trees  into the lumber.   Contractor Denver Stump was hired for the building's construction.

 * John McFadden prepares temporary electric for contractors.

  * The  new  Station's Foundation  is  ready -  June 1982
  * The rough framing is nearly complete - July 1982
  * Looking at the interior  restroom area during framing - Aug. 1982
  * A  view of the drywall being finished in the Lobby's  Southeast corner

  * During the construction of the new station, the combine car served as a temporary station.

  * Train seen arriving & setting at Nelsonville station during construction.  

Interior Engine House Photos
  * Engine #33 under goes a boiler rebuild at the old engine house - Spring 1982

  * Looking North inside the old engine house at parts from #33

        (Notice the old trackside sign from Kimberly and Car 11 setting on the adjacent track. )

  * #33's  air reservoirs and a 100ton jack as we look South towards the front doors.


Miscellaneous  Photos
  * Arson destroyed the MofW  motorcar shed, along with the motorcar and tool pushtruck at Nelsonville wye's West leg - June 1982   

  * Ed Dennis and Dick Noble  pause trackwork to watch #7318 pass by at South end of Nelsonville siding - June 1982 (motorcar visible in the photo was the one later destroyed by fire)
  * Its fluted side has just been removed (water leaks) and primer applied on 1 of 2  ex-C&O coaches, in middle of Nelsonville yard - Feb.1983

  * Ed Dennis adzes ties to re-gauge crossover at Nelsonville - Early 1982

  * Trackcrew rebuilds  St. Rt. 691 crossing at Kimberly - May 15, 1982

            LtoR  are Art Markley, Don Ray and Ed Sullivan

            LtoR are Ed Sullivan, Si DeBolt, Ed Dennis & Dick Noble  

  * HVSRy train at Kimberly on Athens Sub-Division (just West of St. Rt. 691 crossing) - June 1982

  * 44 toner leads train past wye in Nelsonville OH - June 1982 (note ex-Erie coach)

  * #7318 departs the station with the open-air car and an Erie coach - summer 1982

  * mid-day  #7318 pulls off  the train and Kevin Roybotn rides #33 to take over the train - June 1982

  * The signal department uses a freight car for storage - summer 1982

  * Jay Boggs instructs John McFadden as they work on St. Rt. 691 crossing flashers - June 1982

  * Fall 1982 - Alpha Ballard washes down a ex-Rock Island coach for painting at the old engine house.


Scrapping of the Monday Creek Branchline
  * Looking South at the former station site (Milepost 2) - Early 1983

  * Looking East at former crossing of St. Rt. 33,  just South of Nelsonville OH. 

              That's Rt.33 on the right. (about milepost 2.5)


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