The Early Years on the HVSRy

Nov. 22, 2001
I apologize for the quality of  many of these early photos.   I was kid with just a cheap box camera.   However they do represent the formulate years of the Railway that largely went unrecorded. 

the Stations
The first HVSRy station was a tarp stretched across 4 pole.  Ted's father, Art Goodman, would set under the tarp in a lawn chair with a cash box to sell tickets.  Later a small building was donated.  The third and final structure the HVSRy used at this site was was an original  HV  'Target' office used at the Lancaster Ohio crossing of the C&O and PRR.  It was moved from Lancaster by highway.

   * a Photo of the second Station, by now used for a High School
         fund raising project as a concessions stand - late 1974.

   * Ted Goodman spreads gravel for new Station #3's  platform - 1974
   * The third Station used by the HV at this site - 1974.
   * Ross Ballard talks with Ted Goodman setting beside the Station - 1974

Sadly this original Hocking Valley Railroad structure from the late 1800's was not saved.  Once it wasn't  needed as a Station, it was permitted to be burned by local firemen for practice.

Servicing Facilities
During the first few years of operation there were no structures for the maintenance of the equipment.

In 1972 engine was 'watered' at the community called Bessmer (Milepost 5.1) .  This was accomplished by literally  stringing about 100 yards of  2 1/2" fire hose along the County road to a fire hydrant.  As soon as the Train slowed for the stop a trainman would jump off and would get the hydrant wrench from the engine crew, then dash to the hydrant.  He would attaching the hose (which was left out all weekend) and wait for another crewman on top of the engine's tender to signal.  The person on the tender would drop the hose in a door on top  and then stand on the door , keeping the fire hose from coming out.  Only on a few occasions did the hose ever come out.

   * a  photo of  first year  operations;  the  Bessmer  water stop ( Milepost 5.1) - 1972
   * an additional B&W photo of  Ross Ballard walking round the front of #33.
   * Ted Goodman talks with passengers as they wait for the trip to continue.
   *  same water stop where  fire hose was dropped into the tender.   Tim Mishler on tender, Don Schultz with
            fire hose,  Conductor Sam Jasper waits by coaches  - 1972

   * As this photo shows, by the 1973 season the watering was done beside the
        Nelsonville Sewer plant (about Milepost 1.5 ).

The coaling of the engine took place at Longstreath (Milepost 8) for several years.  For the first year or two this was all done by hand !   Train crew and trackcrew all pitched in to assist in shoveling coal onto the conveyor that would lift it into the tender.  Depending on who the weekend's fireman was, we would load 10 to 16 tons by hand.  After a few years a tractor was rented for this, and later another tractor was purchased, much to the crew's relief.

   * This photo shows  #33 setting in Longstreath for coaling.  Notice the direction
        the locomotive is headed.  This 1973 season was the only time #33 faced
        South (railroad East).
    * In this 1974 photo Ted slides down the engine while the coaling is done.

Winter Trips to Columbus
From 1972 through 1974  at the conclusion of the tourist season  locomotive #33 would travel to Columbus Ohio for repairs during the Winter.  Starting with the Winter of 1975, #33 would stay at Nelsonville.  The HVSRy would move #33 into her new engine house in early 1976.
   * Fireman Bill Morehead has a long day's  work ahead of him - 1972 .
   * If you look closely you can see the Booster's siderods under the tender.  #33 only
         had its booster for the 1972 season.  During the winter it was scrapped at Parsons.
         Also you'll notice that the C&O caboose had arrived by this time too - 1972.

   *  1973  #33 returns for another year's operations behind the C&O's train
        called the Nelsonville Turn.  First we see it just South of Logan then pausing
        at Diamond before arriving at Nelsonville Yard.

    * 1974 #33 switches out the train as it prepares to depart for Columbus
        John Riddle is at the throttle as #33 leaves the Monday Creek Branchline.

    * #33 is turned at Parson's Yard roundhouse as it leaves winter hibernation.
    * C&O  GP40 #3791 leads the steam engine South ( railroad East),
          seen just North of Lancaster - June 21, 1975
    * same Eastbound train at the North end of  Logan Ohio
    * GP-40 #3791 has #33 and caboose at Nelsonville

Along the Monday Creek
Operations began about August 1972 on six miles of the Monday Creek Branchline.  Milepost #2 was at the Nelsonville Station  and train stopped at Milepost #8 at Longstreath.  Plans called for going much further North into New Straightsville, once the track was repaired.  By the Fall of 1976 an additional mile of track had been added to Carbon Hill near milepost 8.9 .  This was as far North as the HVSRy would ever operate.

photos arranged by approximate Milepost locations

* MP 1.9  the Caboose was left just West of the Station to act as a billboard - 1973
* MP 2.0  Ted Goodman sets in the fireman's seat, waiting at the Station - 1974
* Charlie Gross and probably his father stand nearby - 1974
* The brush-hogged remains of  Milepost #2 can be seen in this photo - Oct. 1974
* Folks gather around for photos on the final day of operation in the 1974 season.
* #33  just arrived for the year.  Shirley Hultgren talks with Jerry - June 1975
* Owners of old cars pause enroute to a car show for a train ride - Aug. 1975
* MP 2.1  Safety First ?  Jerry Ballard and Charlie Frankie ride the footboards
       to "grease track" as the train heads out on the first trip of the weekend.
       This was the only time I recall this dangerous practice was ever done - 1974
* MP 2.7 on board the ex-Erie coach as the train crosses Highway#33 - 1973
* MP 2.7 another trip seen backing towards Highway #33 as it returns - Oct. 1974
* MP 2.8 in Doanville passing where Myers Crossing
         ( HV with Athens interurban line) use to be - Fall 1974
* MP 2.8 another day at Myers Crossing -June 1974
* MP 2.8  Foreman Charlie Frankie steps across the track as
         Ted Goodman drives spikes; Doneville curve looking North - 1974
* MP 2.9 Northbound about to cross the 'second crossing' in Doneville - June 1974
* MP 3.0 The Milepost is just out of the picture, to the right - 1974
* MP 3.3 Another trip heads North (railroad West) past the trackcrew
          working in The Slip - Sept. 1974
* MP 4.8  rare photo of  the engine facing South ( second  year of operation only ),
          at Snow Fork Jct. Bridge - 1973
* MP 4.9  Just South of the milepost, #33 crosses Highway #78 near Buchtel
          probably running light from getting coal at Longstreath.
* MP 5.0  HV#33 at Bessmer is flying special white flags in memory of the late Art
        Goodman.  At the end of the weekend these flags were presented to Ted. - 1973
* MP 5.7  Northbound passing McKnight's  farm - summer 1973
* MP 8.0 The train arrives at Longstreath, from here it will back-up
          to Nelsonville - June 1974
* MP 2.0  The train backs into the Station with Ted and Dave Bucher
          on the rear steps 1972.
* MP 1.5 Sewer Plant site
       - #33 takes water from the Sewer Plant hydrant - 1973
       - The fire hose is laid out for watering once the switching is done - 1974
       - Train sets outdoors during a monthly boiler inspection - Sept.1974
       - The train pulls up towards the outdoor service facility - 1974

       - 1974  Primitive Engine facilities  shown at the site where the old
              Engine House would later be built a year later
       - A photo taken from the old Hump in 1974 of  then future Engine House site.
       - Standing on a tank car when I took this photo of the future
              Engine House site - April 6, 1975.
       - ex-Erie coach #463 setting by the infamous Sewer Plant - Oct. 1974
       - Cars setting during the winter break  - 1974

the Upper End..(beyond Longstreath at Milepost #8)
Track Foreman Sam Jasper's motorcar heads South ( railroad East) across the Greenville trestle - 1974
During the annual Moonshine Festival at New Straightsville the HVSRy gave Motorcar rides.  Here Charlie Frankie heads out on another run -1974.

Miscellaneous Photos
* snake killer  Julie Pennel in the cab of #33 - July 1974
* During the 1974 season #33 experienced problems with her huge leaf springs
       breaking.  Here we see two 100 ton jacks used to lift one end at a time.

An over heated journal box during the Operating Season had necesated dropping the pony truck axle at C&O's Parson's Yard.
* Bill Goslan  working under #33's  pilot truck at Nelsonville - 1974
* HV #33 is pulled from her Parsons Yard roundhouse stall and moved to another
     stall to have the pony truck reinstalled.  - 1974

*  click here  for my memories of this event

Charter Trip to Oak Hill Ohio Centennial - 1973

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 *  C&O GP-38 #3892 Nelsonville Turn pulls #33 and 2 Erie coaches out of
      Nelsonville and past Diamond enroute to Logan.

* Crossing Highway#329 beside the Logan Golf Course

* Bill Gosland drives the HV pickup under one of many River Division bridges

* as darkness begans another C&O tain has the HV at Summit on
      the River Division ( photo taken from overhead highway bridge)

* a B&O freight flies by enroute to Jackson from Hamden
      notice the dust behind B&O  I-5D caboose #C2158

*  photo of  #33 at  Jackson  for the Oak Hill  Centennial

* as the train set at Jackson, a  DT&I  freight passes by

more photos coming !