Hocking Valley Scenic Railway
Grows Up - Late 1975 to 1980

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Following the 1975 Operating Season the first major addition to the scenic railway took place, with the construction of the first Engine House.  The Bonanza polebarn company was hired to construct the structure.  Tracks would be laid by the HVSRy's own trackcrew, with the aid of a C&O surveyer.  The building was built in late 1975.  Trackwork was laid from late 1975 through winter of 1976.  Just before the Spring of  1976 #33 moved into her new engine house.  This work represented several "firsts" for the railway.  An indoor servicing facility and the first time the trackcrew ever built a switch and laid new track.

First Engine House is Built...a few New !
  * the first Engine House seen  under construction - Nov. 1975
  * Switch ties are inserted under existing rails first - Nov.2, 1975
       ( Bill Powers in lite blue shirt & Gary Bensman standing across the tracks)
  * cutting 80 pound rail with a hacksaw ! - Nov. 2,75
       ( Bill Powers,  Pat McQuade with  young Tom Schultz on the oiler)
  * assembling the first switch ( L-R = Paul Jones, young Bill Barrows, Jerry Ballard,
        Charlie Frankie over frog, Bill Goslan in straw hat,  Bill Powers & Don Weatherby )
Local High School shop teacher Dale Sayer organized a group of High school boys to rip up the donated industrial spur in Logan Ohio.  They piled the rail and hardware, awaiting transport.
 * loading the donated 100RB rail at the Carborumdom Plant in Logan - Nov.1975
        ( L to R = Larry Malone, Charlie Frankie, local backhoe man, Ron Jedulica)
  * Ron Jedulica's semi transported the rail to Nelsonville
  * Ron stands behind his semi as Tom Baden and Bill Powers let the first rail
        slide down the ramp.  VP MofW Charlie Frankie is in the gray coat. - Nov.1975
  * Charlie and Bill  drill a bolt hole  into the rail - Dec. 1975
  * Bill  uses  a  car journal jack  and the  "Buda"  to kink  the switch's  curved stock rail
  * The #2 track is complete into the Engine House - Dec. 21, 1975
  * During the cold winter months many volunteers pitched in to keep a small fire
        burning in #33's firebox around the clock (notice the smoke under the cab) - Jan.10, 1976
  * the Trackcrew had an idea about what to do with the finished #2 track - Feb. 1976
  * Donated used crossing timbers are unloaded - Feb. 1976 ( L to R on the truck =
       Ben's friend, Charlie in doted hat, Ben's other friend, Ben Goodman and Bill Powers
       near drum; on ground = late Robert Malone, Bill Goslan, Ted and Dick Frankie )
  * Jerry Ballard files and wields the airpump's damaged bottom plate - Feb. 1976

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Monday  Creek  Branchline- (  7 Mile Line used  1972-1980 )
Miscellaneous Photos taken on various dates arranged  geographically
 *  Looking  southeast  toward the old engine house - Dec. 1978
 * The rolling stocks sets through a winter snow - Dec.75 or early 1976
 * "Blowing down"  the boiler beside City Sewer Plant site - Oct. 1976
        ( valve opened on fireman's side to flush out any mineral deposits)
 * Members were treated to a special night photo shoot - July 17, 1976
 * Another trip prepairs to depart. Note the Station's  Platform - 1975
 * Ross Ballard  walks back  to the engine flying appropriate flags - July 4, 1976
 * Backing into the Station, about MP# 2.1 - Oct. 1975
 * on Doanville curve , between the two crossings, about MP 2.8 - Oct. 1975
 * Shadows suggest this was the last trip of the day - Coe Hollow MP#4.1 - Oct. 1975
 * Already past Snow Fork Jct and quickly approaching Highway #78 - Oct. 1975
Once a passing siding parelled the mainline with its ends connecting to the legs of a wye.  The Southern leg was called Snow Fork Juction from where the train to Murray City branched out.
 * Three years before, this was the water stop - Bessmer MP# 5.1 - Oct.1975
 * Passing Mud Pond (often as much mud as it was pond) about Milepost 6.2 - Nov. 2, 1975
 * Backing around  Longstreath curve,  looking across the Green Pond -July 1976
Legs of a wye once straddled the pond.  The wye's tail served coal mines up the hollow.  The Green Pond and nearby Duck Pond  were once actually a part of the Monday Creek before the original railroad filled in the trestle, and rerouted the creek.
 * Northbound rounds Longstreath curve during Fall colors - Oct. 1975
 * Looking North at  the  MofW  facility  in  Longstreath,  Milepost 8 - April 1976
 * Looking South as train rounds Candytown curve (about Milepost 8.6) - July 1976
 * Train seen across the swamp on Candytown straight-a -way - July 1976
 *  Train stops on Candytown straight-a-way (about Milepost 8.7) as the
         trackcrew works to extend the track into Carbon Hill - July 1976

 * a  view  of  the  Wye  Switch  at  New Straitsville - May 1977

Monday  Creek  Branchline
*All  photos below taken Oct.1977
  - Train seen just 1/10  mile from the Station,  Milepost 2.1
  - Northbound seen at the North end of Doanville curve,  Milepost 3.0
          ( notice the C&O  Lightweight coach in service )
  - a  long  telephoto view  of the Train  in the valley,  Milepost 3.9
  - seen  passing  Snow Fork  Junction   near Highway #78 at  Milepost 4.9
          were the Branchline to Murry City once connected
  - rounding Whitmore's  Curve  ( North of  the community of Bessemer) at  Milepost  5.9
  - leaving the community of  Monday  and  passing where "Flytown"  once was
  -Train  seen at the first road crossing in Carbon Hill ;  and another view  into  Carbon Hill,  Milepost 8.9
  - returning Train  backs around Longstreath Curve,  Milepost 7.9
  - Engineer  Ted Goodman  backs  the Train  around  Monday  curve,  past the Church -  Milepost 7.1
  - Charlie Frankie & Paul Milan  watch the train's  rear  that is  about to cross St.Rt. 78 - seen at  Milepost 5.0
  - Backing across  St. Rt. 33  ( where the radio station in located today ) -  Milepost  2.5

Monday  Creek  Branchline
Dec.1977  Santa Claus  trips
 * the old  Station  seen a few days before the Dec.1977  Santa Claus  trips - Milepost  2.0
 * Conductor  John Sayre  attaches the backup whistle ( aka  "Pigtail" )  to the Train's  rear
 * a  close-up  of  engine #33 decorated for the specials
 * Train  seen  flying  along at  Coe  Hollow  Road crossing  -  Milepost  4.1
 * Northbound  Train disappears into the distance  on  Mud Pond  Straight-a-way,  Milepost  6.3
 * Christmas special  seen entering  South end  of  the  community called  Monday  at  Milepost 7.0
 * Train at North end of  Monday  at  Milepost  7.2
 * seen  again  entering  Longstreath  Curve's  south end - Milepost  7.9
 * Next seen  entering  Carbon Hill -  Milepost  8.9
 * Christmas  Special  seen  as it  backs  near  St. Rt. 78 -  Milepost  5.0

Trackcrew  on  the  Monday  Creek  Branchline
  In order to make a Bank payment it was decided to scrap the Lost Run Spur (  located  North of Greendale ).   The spur  was what remained of a  wye  that  once feed a large mine.  All of  these photos were taken  April 1977.
      Looking North at  the Lost Run Trestle ( located a few feet South of the spur's  switch )
      a  few  of  the  Trackcrew  pauses  to  eat  lunch  as  they  sit  on  the  spur's  switch;
                 seated  L to R  are  Paul Hudack, Charlie Frankie,  Bo Noble ( Dick's son ),  and  Bill Goslan

   Located  just North of  Doneville ( about  Milepost  3.2 )  was an area  called  " The Slip".   This  section of track had always plagued trackcrews for decades.  The Monday Creek ran along the base of  the  hill.  About halfway up the hill was the  roadbed  that  gradually tried to slide down.   About twice a year the trackcrew would spend  time  realigning the track.   There  were actually  two  distinct  sections of  sliding track,  with the Northern section being the worst.   In  this series of photos  you  will  see  the  financially  strapped  Trackcrew  actually  lower the  center  "high spot"  because they couldn't  buy  ballast  to  raise the  two  slipping  sections.
      a  telephoto  shot  of  Track Foreman  Charlie Frankie  walking  back  to  view  the  recent  slippage - May 1977
      Bill Powers, Larry Malone, Paul Hudack, and Charlie  lower  the  high spot  in the  track
      Don Weatherby  and  Charlie  put the final  touches on the  recent  trackwork by  aligning  the Track

While eating lunch along the Monday Creek in Carbon Hill,  someone noticed a timber big enough for use as a tie, on the creek's bottom.   Since it was a hot summer day  it didn't  require much arm twisting to get volenteers.  Shown are ( left to right )  Bill Powers,  Jeff Hultgren,  Ted Goodman and  Paul Hudack pulling Ted.

Making a Hollywood Movie

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  * Engine & Combine car back past Haydenville Station in route to
        Mansfield Ohio for a Hollywood movie - Aug.24,1975

Car 11
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