Mar. 9, 2008
In the Beginning ...
Initially the 3 founders of  the HVSRy were Ted Goodman, Jerry Ballard and Lenny McCaulley.

The locomotive was purchased in the 1960's from Marquette Michigan and eventually made its way to Columbus Ohio.  Over several years work proceeded on its restoration in the old C&O coach yard known as "Yard - A".   The big 2-8-0 type locomotive was chosen because it closely resembled the large 2-8-0  H-series used by their favorite railroad, C&O.

Soon news came concerning 3 ex-Erie commuter coaches.  From the parts of  these 3  1920 era coaches emerged 2 coaches suitable for transporting tourists.   You can tell photos taken during the first year of operations because the 2 coaches were still lettered  'Salt Creek'  for the Wellston line.

They had intended to purchase an abandon DT&I  line that ran through Wellston Ohio.  However before the arrangements could not be finalized a  scraper tore up that line.   Then they became aware of  the C&O's Monday Creek branchline at Nelsonville, which was about to be scraped too.  This time  were able to purchase the line, but narrowly, purchasing the track from the scraper himself.