Railroad  Photos  of  Southern  Ohio
 revised   Saturday March 29, 2003
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 Albany( Conrail - Southwest  of  Athens )
  July 1984
    *  looking  North at  Conrail's  M of W  Facility,  then looking  South
    *  a  sudden rain storm washed out a culvert  and caused these hoppers to pile
             up North of  town

Belpre ( ex-B&O , now CSX - across Ohio River from Parkersburg W.Va.)
    * The local Shell Chemical plant has several switchers.  Here a GP-9 lettered RE 1614 switches on July 10, 2000.

Canal  Winchester( ex C&O, now  I&O - near Columbus )
     *  old  C&O  station   refurbished as a  Real  Estate  office  -  Dec. 25, 1975

 Cannanville( once  B&O - East of Athens, West of Guysville )
         Sadly  all of these tracks are gone today.  This is now the new Eastbound lane
        of  State Route 50.
     * Sperry  Rail  defect detector  Car  at  West end - August 1, 1982
      *  Eastbound Train  at  West end of  community - Feb. 1981
      *  another  Eastbound  seen  at  West end  -  Feb. 8, 1981
      *  Amtrak  Eastbound passes old  East end  Siding's  switch in Snow - Jan. 9, 1977
      *  Trailer Train follows 35 minutes behind above mentioned Amtrak
                   ( looking EastTrailers, Safety Caboose)
      *  looking East as Eastbound passes the Siding extension project - Mar. 1981
                 looking  West  as above mentioned  Train's  Caboose  passes
      *  looking East at  new  East  switch of  the passing siding ( mainline on the right) - 1981
      *  at West end as  Eastbound  Train  takes the  siding  -  Nov. 1981
               above mentioned Train near East end of  siding,  along  St.Rt. 50
               then  a   Westbound  thunders  past  at  top  speed
      *  Another Eastbound  flys  past on the mainline,  near East end of Siding - Nov.1981
      *  looking  Northwest  as  yet another  Eastbound  rolls by - June, 21 1982

  Chauncey( Conrail - near Athens )
   * NS Northbound lead by SD70 #2564 (ex-CR 2564) and an old N&W SD40 #1599
          seen at the State Route 682 crossing; then rear passing  probable ex-NYC station
         now used by the local Lyons Club.  Old well or stemophore base?
         Looking North  from Station along the S-curve.  May 4, 2002
    * Northbound  coal train UAT-5  with  #6445 & 6046  seen North of town - Oct. 21, 1990
    * Helpers #6634 & 6636  on  Train  UAT-5   are  2 of 25   C36-7  on Conrail
    * Northbound  DIIN-2  seen  near the old Station  with  UP3941   SD40-2  -  Oct. 2,1990
    * DIIN-7   passes Village's  park  with  UP2510  a  C30-7  (later re# UP 510) - Oct.7,1990
    * In 1986 Conrail got 22  C39-8 (#6000-6021),  #6000 is a Helper on DIIN-1   Feb.21,91
    * MP#74 ( North of Town) #6808 & 6718  bring train XDI-19  with hoppers  Jan.26,1991
    * Also at MP74  is train XDI-29 with replacement Helpers for Hobson   May 25, 1991

 Chillicothe( once B&O , ex N&W , ex C&O - 45 miles due South of Columbus )
   Mar. 1978  Photos
      * Eastbound  Amtrak #32  seen  approaching, waiting,  and  departing  the B&O Station
       * looking  East  from the Station area  ( all  Tracks  in this photo are gone  today )
       *  looking  South at old yard buildings  Photo #1Photo #2  ( still standing on Dec. 97)
       *  viewing the Engine Facilities,  looking  South  and  looking  West  toward  #9425
       *  B&O  GP-9  #6554  ran with long hood foreward ( short hood foreward was the norm )
       *  B&O  GP38  #3800  is seen next to sister #3841,  both still in blue  B&O  paint
       *  a  couple of yard switchers were present,  #9423  and  #9424
       *  an  Alco Switcher is in the middle of the yards,  Oglebay Norton #511
       * looking  East at East end of the yards, looking  West  past  GP-40s  #3728  & #3735
       *  at  the  East  end looking  West, toward the Station,  at  the   Cabose  track
       *  a close up of  Safety Cabose # C-3025

Corning( former NYC - North of  Glouster & Athens )
  April 11, 2002 Photos
     * A small trackside shanty with 1381 painted on its side, just South of Corning
     * ex-Southern GP38 #5018 is the 2sd. unit of  Northbound seen earlier at Glouster
     * Two unused Camp Cars are setting in the small Corning yard.

  Mar. 8, 2002 Photos
     * NS train# 45N pauses to cut out a MofW boxcar and gon.
          NS9691backs into the small yard and then returns to its train setting on the mainline.

  Dec.10, 1989  Photos
     *  looking along  Southeast bound  XDI-75 ( with empty hoppers) as it  meets  Northwest
                    bound  Train  UAE  ( loaded  hoppers)
    * a  trainman  aligns  the Siding  switch for  UAE  to  depart  and  then climbs on  himself
    * UAE's  unit  #6624  is  a  C36-7  built in 1985,   1 of 25   on Conrail  (#6620-6644)
    * Train  UAE  Helper's  trainman  closes the  Siding Switch  once they have cleared

    Nov. 15,1976  Photos
        *  a  Penn Central  southbound  is  seen  on the siding's  old  south end
        *  a  EL  GP9  #1264  is  seen in the yard  and  later  on  a local run
        *  a  Northbound  arrives  with  instructions to add two more Locomotives
        *  the old  Passenger Station /  Restaurant  and Train Order office ( now gone ) to the left

 Dexter( Conrail - between Albany & Hobson )
        *  a Southbound train rolls through this little community at midday - Feb 19, 1990

 Diamond( ex C&O , now HVSRy - located between  Nelsonville & Logan )
      *  standing on the Brick Plant's  loading dock,  looking  toward the mainline - 1974
      *   the  "Nelsonville Turn" seen passing under  St.Rt. #33  in route to Diamond - April 1977
                      GP40 #4075  is about to back across St.Rt.#33 at  Diamond
                  Conductor  Huffman  protects the crossing  as  Engineer  picks up the boxcar

 Gallipolis ( once C&O - south of  Hobson & Kanauga, along the Ohio River )
  *  looking South at  old C&O Station , then looking northeast  - March 24, 1989
  *  looking across Fourth Ave. at  MofW building still displaying the Trackcrew Section #

 Glouster  ( Conrail - about 10 miles North of Athens )
  * Northbound seen at the covered bridge - April 11, 2002
  * Dan Innis's Northbound  Conrail seen just North of town at covered bridge - 1998
  * Southbound CODI-1X  at  North end of  town - March 11, 1990

 Guysville( once B&O - East of  Athens )
    * Westbound  Train GW97  seen  rounding the curve beside St.Rt. 50  -  Fall 1979

 Hamden( ex B&O, now  GM&S shortline - North of Jackson )
    *C&O  MofW  buildings  at  "Eagle"  ( East of C&O / B&O  Crossing at  Dundus) Feb.8,75
    *  Looking West at B&O  Station,  notice  Semaphore  signals  -  Feb. 8, 1975
    *  A local  lead by ex-passenger GP9 #6611 returns lite to Hamden - July 1977

 Hobson( Conrail - southeastern Ohio, near Pomeroy )
     Click Here  to view these photos

 Haydenville ( ex C&O , now HVSRy - between Nelsonville and Logan )
     *  looking South at  the passenger station - Dec. 21, 1975

 Jackson( once DT&I, C&O, B&O ; now GM&S - southeastern Ohio)
    *  looking East at the old DT&I  Car  Shops,  then  looking Southeast - Mar.1983
   * DT&I  Stationnearby  GP38s,  and  a  Caboose   -  Nov. 1981
    *  looking  West  from the East end of the DT&I  Yard,  with the Station to the
           photographer's back - Mar.1983
    *  looking  East from the West end of the DT&I  Yard - Mar.1983
    * looking East toward old St. Rt.35 on the DT&I.  the C&O Station just out of the
           picture, to the right - Mar.83
    * C&O  Station,  looking North  -  Nov. 1981
    * the  C&O / DT&I  crossing - looking South  toward C&O Station,  then
        looking North - Mar. 1983
    * B&O  Station,   looking NorthSouth  -  Nov. 1981

 Juction  City  ( Conrail - West of  New Lexington,  East of Lancaster)
    * PC  Westbound  flys  thru  town  with  #7718, 2749, 2770, 2772, 3055  -  Dec. 11, 1975

 Kanauga( Conrail - just North of  Gallipolis )
     Kanauga is  were the former  C&O  Pomeroy  Subdivision ( out of   Logan Ohio )
    once  meet  the  NYC  line  from  West Virgina.  Both  railroads  shared  the track
    North,  as far as Hobson.
     * Looking North, at  the Station .  This Switch joined the C&O  and  NYC  - Dec. 5, 1976

    Photos from  Dec.10,1989
      *  Conrail  Train  XDI-75  passes  the  Station
      *  looking  East  then  looking  North  at  the  Station
      *  the  rear  of  Train  XDI-75  seen  crossing  the  Ohio River  bridge

  Lancaster ( ex C&O, once PRR ; now  I&O - south of  Columbus, north of  Logan )
    some of  my old  box camera snapshots  from  1973
      *  the  Eastbound  C&O's  Nelsonville  Turn  receives orders,  notice the unit is a rare GP39
      *  this  same  GP39  is seen  backing across the  C&O / PRR  crossing at  yard's  East end
      *  looking  East as a two unit  Westbound  PC  Train enters the yard

   Views around the Yard in  Dec.24, 1975
                            ( note the color shift of  these old negatives = shoot  Kodachrome slides!)
      *  Looking  North  at  ex-PRR Freight Station  ( C&O freight station sets behind PRR station)
      *  Just  East of  PRR  Freight Station,  looking Northeast at  PRR Yard; C&O boxcars behind
      *  Looking West into PRR  yard ( gone today ) from  East end, C&O-PRR crossing behind
      *  The C&O Freight Station,  viewed looking West
      *  PC #8526 an  SW-1  is seen beside the Depot

   Views around the Yard in  1976   ( black & white photos )  NEW
      *  The old PRR Roundhouse  after  Penn Central RR  left  town
      *  The ex-PRR Freight Station viewed looking Northeast,  then viewed looking Southeast.
      *  The C&O  Freight Station viewed looking Northwest, then Northeast,
         then East ( note the  PRR freight station in the distance to the right).
      *  Some of the old  MofW  buildings, once located across the tracks from the C&O  Station.
      *  Looking East at the location where the  C&O / PRR crossing "Target" building once stood.
          This origional H.V. building was moved, about a year prior, to the Hocking Valley Scenic Ry.
          in Nelsonville.  A few years after that it was burned as practice for the local  Fire Department.

  Little  Hocking  Area  ( once B&O - West of  Belpre, East of Athens & Guysville )
     * "Extra  GM50  West"  passes  thru  Portfield  with empties for  Vauces - May 1979
     *  the  same  Train  as above,  now  seen  on  the hill at  Torch .
     * Westbound  WM  F-unit  leads a Train  past  where Torch Station  once  was - Oct. 1977

Logan( ex C&O, now  I&O - south of Lancaster, north of  Nelsonville )
     *  a  C&O  GP30  #3018  sets at Logan's  Oldtown Yards - April 1977
         *  July  1977  finds  GP9 #6035  parked at the Yard Servicing Facilities
         *  a  rare  GP39,  C&O #3910,  is seen  parked along the highway - Oct. 1977
         * old  C&O  Freight  Station   and  looking  East  near old  Freight Station
               at  MofW  Sheds  -  Aug. 19, 1982

     March 10, 1987
        * looking  South toward the sanding tower  and  another closer view
        *  the  "Nelsonville Turn"  during  switching seen backing  thru the yard  with
             boxcars and  making the coupling
        *  C&O  GP40  #4280  setting beside the office building

        Click Here for  I&O  railroad  photos in Logan.

 Millfield( Conrail - North of Athens toward Glouster )
      On  Dec.18, 1976   a  Southbound  Conrail  "rolled a rail" creating  this
       14 car derailment.
         *  Looking North  at the  Southern end of the  wreck,  across Main Street
         *  Looking North  at a  Tank car  in the middle of the wreck  (  Close-up )
         *  looking  South  at  a covered hopper  on its  side,  located  in the middle of the pile-up
         *  Looking  North at some   Boxcars  on the North end of the wreck.
         *  Looking  South at the Boxcars,  notice GTE  Phoneman on top of cars untangling wires
         *  an  Offical  writes down the Boxcar's  numbers
         *  the  neighborhood  folks  survey  the  mess,  viewed  looking  southward
         *  Contractors  arrive  to  began the cleanup

 Mineral( once B&O - West of Athens, east of  Chillicothe )
       *  Westbound Amtrak engine #707  flys past the West end of the Mineral siding
              near twlight - July 31, 1977
       *  An old color snapshot ( not 35mm) of  Kings Tunnel's  East  end -  Aug.1974
       *  In this black & white photo the East end signal is clearly visible - July 31,1977
       *  A  b&w  photo of the Tunnel's  West end  ( then still jointed rail ) - July 1977
       *  Another snapshot  of the old  Mineral Station after it was moved
             away from the tracks - Aug.1974

 Moxahala( once NYC, now NS - North of Corning, South of New Lexington)
    This small community is located on State Route 13,  just North of the big tunnel .
    *Northbound NS seen passing the "track greaser" at Milepost 54 - April 11, 2002.
    * Dan Innis's photo of  the Northbound  Ohio Central coal train and 10.3meg. video clip - Oct.2000

 Nelsonville( ex C&O, now  HVSRy - south of Logan, northeast of Athens )
     *  "Nelsonville Turn"  switches  Nelsonville Lumber,  where  McDonalds  is today - 1973
     *  the  origional  Hocking Valley  ( later C&O )  10 stall  roundhouse  seen  Oct.1974
     *  looking  East  beside City Swimming Pool - 1974
     *  Engine,  on  the  Siding, passes cars waiting on the wye's  West leg - 1974
            then the engine backs up  toward the cars on the wye
     *  C&O's  Nelsonville Turn  arrives to pull pulpwood cars out of storage - May 13, 1975
     *  a  few  months  old  Boxcar  seen at  Ogg's  Wholesale
                ( today the site of  Rocky Boot's  Outlet Store ) - 1974

 New  Lexington( Conrail - east of Columbus, north of Corning & Athens )
        *  a  look  West  at  the  operators shack - Dec. 16,1975

        *  looking Northwest decades later - Oct. 1993

 Oak Hill  ( ex B&O, now GM&S shortline - south of Jackson )
      * old  B&O  Station  -  May 25, 1982

 Pomeroy( once C&O - north of Hobson , along the Ohio River in Southeast Ohio )
       * looking  North  and  next Southeast  at  the  C&O  Freight Station - Feb. 1983
       *  this  photo shows the old  C&O  track  that once passed between the town and
             the Ohio River - Feb.1983

 Portsmouth( once C&O, ex N&W; now NS - southern edge, along Ohio River )
      Click Here  to view photos

....Shawnee( once B&O - Southeast of Columbus )
       *An ex-B&O baywindow caboose is on display were the B&O line from Newark once ran.  Today only the track beneath the caboose remains.  This caboose is easy to see from the junction of  highways 93 & 155 .

 Stewart( once B&O - Athens Area; East of  Guysville )
     * Amtrak #32  with engine #717  at State Route 144 crossing late in the day - Oct. 11, 1977
     *  Eastbound Train crosses Hocking River   at Stewart  -  Dec. 1982

The Plains- this area was called  "Hocking" on old C&O Timetables
           ( once C&O, ex-NYC, now Conrail - Just North of Athens, South of Chancey )
   *  Looking North, under State Route #33,  at the old  C&O  tracks - April 1982
   *  Dan Innis's photo of a Northbound train
   *  Southbound XDI-10  brings empty hopper to West Virgina's coal feilds - Jan.18,1992
   *  Northbound  UBL-45  has loaded hoppers for Bethlehem Steel in  Buffalo-Seneca
             New York area ;  Helpers seen  too under State Route #33 - Feb. 18, 1990

     ( once DT&I, once C&O, ex B&O; now GM&S - south of Hamden, n. of Jackson )
    * B&O Train  Northbound at North end of town, at  St.Rt. 93 - May 25, 1982

Zaleski..( once B&O - West of Athens, east of  Chillicothe  at  Milepost 144.6 )
     July 1977 - a couple of Black & white photos
       *  Nearly one mile West of Moonville was this bridge,  seen looking East
         *  About 2 miles West of Moonville a  work train, assigned to pick-up  the old jointed rail,
                pauses to see if they can assist a bridge crew  with their work. ( GP9  WM5953 )

     Fall of 1979  photos by Art Markley
         * Exiting  the  West  portal  of  the 255'  Moonville  Tunnel  is  Train GW97
         * The  St.Louis  Trailer Train  exits Moonville  Tunnel

      Jan.28,1989 after the tracks were removed
         * Looking  East across the creek,  then a closer photo of the West end
         * looking at the East end  where the word "Moonville"  is clearly visible.
         * a plaque mounted inside, near the East end says: "Repaired 1904 by
                J.M.Graham Chief Engineer,  M.J.Corrigan Supt. & Gen.Insp'r ,
                J.R. Joiner Gen.Foreman"