Football  -  OHIO  vs.  Iowa State
Sept. 22, 2001 - First Home Game of  the Season

The stadium's field was lowered 10 feet after last year's season. This eliminated the running track but permitted additional seating for fans.  The soil from the field was piled into a mound at the South end of the field,  near the river.   Also a new seating section was created on the North end of the field for the band.  During the playing of the National Anthem most of the crowd sang  with the band .

The famous Marching 110 band  forms the word  OHIO

Team runs onto the field

Ohio wins the coin toss so Iowa kicks off  to Ohio

OU's  offense attempts a running touchdown

Ohio  gets that touchdown on the next play and is the first to score.

the extra point is good

Ohio on the offensive

Ohio set for another play

Army ROTC  fires the cannon when OU scores

Matching 110 from the word  OHIO  at halftime

band forms the word  USA playing  America the Beautiful 

folks watch the halftime show from the new mound

the game resumes with OU kicking off to Iowa State

a sleepy little Iowa fan

OU runs around the end

punting on the forth down


OU quarterback #17 Dontrell Jackson ( Jr. from Harvey IL) rushing

Final score was Iowa State 31 , Ohio 28