My  Photos  of   Pennsylvania  Railroads

May 01, 2002
many more 1970-1980's photos coming this Spring !
New photos just added have a red astrick * beside them

Altoona  Area  ( Altoona to Cresson )
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    *  an Eastbound is seen passing thru town - Nov.23,1993

    1976 - coming soon

Enola - across the river is Rockville Tower
  May 30, 1976 at Rockville
    *  Early morning fog  partly obscures  the  tower  ( now gone ) with the
            river to my back
    * PC#2252 leads RDG GP30 #3601 toward the bridge
    *  a  Coal drag  turns  up river behind #8101, 3020 & 2708
    * an Eastbound behind two SD45s
    * PC#8079 & 7405 an ex-NYC engine pass behind the tower
    * D&H GP39 #7609 lead RDG units 7401, 7413, 7418 & 7405 (close-up)
    * the first of  two sections of a truck train flys past the tower

Harrisburg  -  May 29 & 30, 1976
  This was the point were Electrics ran the  Eastbound Trains  and
      Diesels  took over for  Westbounds
    * a  Westbound  Amtrak train setting at the Station and
          later seen departing toward  Altoona
    * GG1 #4890  couples to an  Eastbound  Amtrak Train
    * a couple of  GG1  electrics  seen  from  Harris Tower
    * an  E44  electric  freight  locomotive  near  Harris  Tower
    * a  view  of the Train  Shed  at  the Passenger Station
    *  General  Motors  EMD  Demo  electric locomotive #1975

 Aug. 1975
    *  HUNT  Tower
 Sept.13, 1975
    * a  yard  full  of  old  passenger equipment ; more photos coming !
    * a freight passes with SD45 # 6141 and alco #6344 plus 2 others

    *  Looking  West  at  JD  Tower  - Aug.1975
    *  An  Eastbound  passes  JD;  notice  the two ex-EL  SDP45's ,
           the last one is still  numbered as  EL3636 - Aug,75
    *  a  view  of  the  Passenger Station  area -  Aug.1977

    *  Paul Gieger stands across the tracks from closed   KR  Tower -  Aug.1976

    *  I think there is a classic photo somewhere in a PRR book shot from this same spot.
        a PC Westbound freight rolls through town - Sept. 1975

Meyersdale  ( CSX  passes through town )
   Photos from  Nov. 1990
     *  the  B&O  Station
     *  old  Western Maryland  Station  and a  view  looking East  from this Station

Mount  Union
    * JACKS  Tower
 Sept. 13, 1975
    * An Amtrk SDP40F suprised us suddenly as it flys past the station
    * this old PRR GP7 had the long hood as the front end has something written
          near the cab. If you know what it said please email me.
    * PC #3110, 8055 and 2277 roll past the old Station platform
    * The engines leading this empty train at near 40mph appear to be #7867 & 7842;
          note the jointed type rails
    * SW1200 #9125  ex-PRR#8525?
    * the track was a story above the Mount Union Station, which set below
         ( the discolorization on the roof  is a result of a stained photograph)

Sand Patch Grade  ( summit of the Allegheny  mountians - B&O )
   *  Train #397  with two C40-8  #7520 & 7579  pass Signal Maintainer  working
           at  the  tunnel's  East  portal - Nov.1990
   *  Helpers  return  "light"   passing the Tower  -  Nov. 1990

    *  Eastbound  Amtrak #44  passes by a Westbound Conrail freight - Nov.21, 1993