Robbins Crossing Museum
Sept.25, 2002

This picturesque 19th. century community  is located on the campus of Hocking College at Nelsonville Ohio.

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hand hueing logs for lumber                ..........  spinning yarn          .

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.. ..the Gladden House

Origionally built in 1842 this two story home was lived in until 1995 when it was moved from a hollow near Burr Oak State Park.  Today this home deminstrates cooking at the museum.  Notice the dishwashing machine on the rear porch. The HVSRy train crew pauses for lunch.

.. ..the Kidner House

This house came from Columbus Ohio before it was donated in 1995.  Today the house serves as the village's General Store providing visitors the oppurtunity to purchase various hadcrafted items and homemade foods.

more photos soon !